Google Chrome Cr-48 Shipments Stopped At 15k – Could This Be The Reason Why?

For those of you who haven’t applied for a test ride on a Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook computer, it seems that applications are still being accepted. I also do not know the accuracy of the web site that claims to be keeping track of how many Cr-48 notebooks have shipped, but the number seems to have stopped at 15,024 units delivered with another 40 still in transit. One could attribute the holidays as to why shipments have ceased.

Or is there another reason?

Over at Engadget they have posted an article about how the Cr-48 has been hacked:

Google built the Cr-48 with hacking in mind, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing other operating systems crop up. Still, it’s fun to watch, and enterprising hackers have got most of the usual suspects up and running: first Ubuntu, and now Mac OS X and Windows. It sounds like a lot of work, and we pledged that 2011 was going to be the year we sat on our asses and didn’t do anything hard, but you’re welcome to give it a shot! Just hit up those source links below for instructions, and follow after the break for video of OS X in action.

I believe that Google was fully aware that their system would be exploited by some who received the freebie. One need not be a Rhodes scholar in order to install an alternative operating system on the Cr-48. But what is unfortunate is that these hacked machines are now useless in developing the Chrome operating system, since they provide no information to Google as to glitches and bugs that need fixing.

But there is another unfortunate consequence that may stall the delivery of an estimated 60,000 systems. Google may have to slow down the process and refine who gets one of the Cr-48 Chrome operating systems. Between people trying to sell the systems on e-Bay, hacking the units with other operating systems, Google may need to fine tune the application process.

I have been using the Cr-48 every day and it has not been without some issues, I am still experiencing slow performance on some web sites, but it is sporadic. Last week I took the Cr-48 along with me and I tried the unit on two public networks. It found both networks and worked very well.

The journey continues and I will continue and enjoying the Cr-48. I am looking forward to when Google issues updates for the Chrome OS that hopefully will help with slow page loading I am having for s

Sign-up for Google Chrome Cr-48 pilot program bere

Google Chrome Cr-48 shipment and delivery site information

Source – Engadget

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  • Dick

    I applied for this program, and I recall that you agreed to use Google’s OS and actually help them out with this “Beta” program. I’m not surprised by the hacks, selling the machines, etc. that’s going on, but I have no respect for the people that do it.

    You agree to one thing, and then you just do as you damn please. Whatever little personal gain, or pleasure you want, you forfeit your promise for it. Petty, childish, and fraudulent. These promise breakers are not worthy of any kind of trust. If they will break their word for something as small as this they will break it for anything, anything at all.

    A friend of mine’s web site is now under attack, for no reason other than to destroy it. Ron, I’m sure you have fought the same thing. Same kind of people, the very same. I sometimes feel we are being crowded out by utter scum. People with no personal accountability or conscience.

    Sick place we’re in, ain’t it?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Dick,
      “People with no personal accountability or conscience.”
      Well said.

  • ronknights

    This is another great blog post, Ron.

    You might want to check out my latest blog post about how people are using that tracking info, and playing vigilante when they don’t receive the CR-48s.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Ron. Interesting video.

  • Dick

    ronknights – I checked out your video, very interesting. Made me think about people in line for free stuff everywhere when they riot because they missed out on a free “thing”. You gotta really be hung up on material junk to get like this, no?

  • Dick

    One additional thought – is this a perfect example of Greed?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Dick,
      Also an example of the ‘me’ only and screw everyone else. :-(

  • ethan kjfan

    That’s just pretty terrible. I wanted one, to ACTUALLY beta test it and help Google out. Not to mention I’m getting one of these things for free.
    Morons need to just not apply for one if your just going to hack it. 😛

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi ethan,
      Exactly. It removes units that could be used by others who really wanted to test the Cr-48. :-(

  • Doug Brace

    I got my Cr-48 about 1.5 after the prototype went live. I really like it. I use it for the majority of my “lodge computing” when I am simply sitting on the couch (like now) and I am watching TV.

    So far the only real compliant that I have is with the trackpad. Yes it is multi-touch but it is really bad at detecting “two-fingers” for a right-click and also for scrolling. The scrolling issue might be related to system performance. I have a multi-touch trackpad on my MacBook Pro so I am quite capable of using it. I am not the only person having this exact people. Several of posts have already been about it and it seems to be a hardware issue, not just a driver/software issue because the person that hack the Cr-48 to run Snow Leopard referred to it as “wonky.”

  • phantomgreen

    I applied, never got one. No surprise there.It’s sad to hear people are misusing this instead of trying to strengthening the product.Thanks for the heads up.

  • Buffet

    They shoulda set some initial criteria in advance for the recipients, rather than randomly doling them out.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Buffet,
      I agree. :-(

  • TechNick

    Um, you do realize that there is a switch under the battery that starts the unit I developer mode right? That is what engadget meant when they said it was made with hacking in mind. Go back and watch the press event when they announce the laptop, he even mentions that there “is a jailbreak switch behind the tape under the battery”. They expect people to hack it, they are allowing it.

    It stated on the Slick Deals forum that UPS changed the tracking lookup numbers or something alon those lines and he hasn’t been able to track down the new set, hence the ? before the scanner dates now.

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