Straight Talk – Free Cell Phone or Free Bluetooth Offers

Reader hope asked a question this morning about playing games on any Straight Talk phone and while I was looking for an answer, I stumbled on what I believe is a great deal. Straight Talk is offering Free reconditioned phones with the purchase of either their $30 or $45 plan. These phones are not just the normal cheap ones that are being offered by other cell phone companies. Straight Talk is also including their r355c, which I own, that normally retails for about $100 new.

So is a reconditioned cell phone a deal or nor no deal? I have purchased reconditioned products in the past and I highly recommend these products for one simple reason. Usually these products are returned by a user who either dislikes the device or can not get the product to work properly. In the case of cell phones, it is usually that the user has spotty or no service available where they live. Originally Straight Talk used only Verizon enabled devices, which do not work in every location in the U.S., no matter what the cell phone companies would have us believe.

Straight Talk has expanded their services to include both AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Here are some of the models on sale for use on the Verizon network:

Samsung R335C + All You Need Plan includes a free Bluetooth headset

LG220C Reconditioned + All You Need Plan free phone

LG290C Reconditioned + All You Need Plan free phone

Samsung R355C Rec. + All You Need Plan free phone

Samsung R451C Recon. + All You Need Plan free phone

There is also one model on sale for use with the AT&T or T-Mobile network:

LG 620G Reconditioned + All You Need Plan free phone

I would recommend that if you are looking into the Straight Talk pre-paid plans, I would definitely consider buying one of these reconditioned phones. You can’t beat the price. Free!

Comments welcome.

Straight Talk web site – free phone offer

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  • Angie

    Just ordered the r355c after reviewing your blog about it. I can’t wait till it gets here hoping condition is great. Also curious to see if i will be able to keep my number as right now I’m using a prepaid cellphone. Was on the Alltel U 75 cents a day plan that Verizon took over.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Angie,
      Let us know what you think of the phone and service. If you were using Alltel
      aka Verizon your service should work just fine. I just bought our younest daughter
      the same phone for Christmas. :-)
      Regards, Ron

  • Dusty

    Straight Talk must have sold out of the reconditioned r355c. The only ones I see for sale on their website today are new ones. I, too, use one and am quite pleased with it, but my son, who attends a Texas university, is having problems with his
    Virgin Mobile phone. It (the VM phone) frequently drops calls and sometimes text messages are a day late. I would like to get him a Straight Talk r355c if any more are offered. Thanks for simplying so many of the technical issues for your readers.

  • Han Solo

    I have been using Net10 Unlimited and I love it. It is so cheap and reliable. I pay $50 a month for unlimited calls, text, and data.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Han Solo for the suggestion.

  • Ashlie

    My boost which I was paying altogether 56$ a month for fell out of my pance pocket somewhere. My little brother told me about straight talk, my money is really tight at the moment and I only have enough to pay for the plan not for the phones. I really need a phone with a camera on it because I have a little baby and my familly enjoys the little pictures and videos I can send to them when I have a phone.

  • Steven Henderson

    I need the number eor straight talk so that i can get min put back on my phone

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Steven,
      Here you go:
      Phone at: 1-877-430-CELL (2355)

  • Sean

    Here’s a better number for better customer service with Straight Talk: 1- 800 – 876- 5753. I have used Straight Talk now for a few months, and have had no problems with the service, or the 2 phones that I purchased. When I received the second phone for my wife, it would not make or receive calls, so I contacted customer service at the number listed above. They were very friendly and resolved the situation by sending me another one overnight, via FedEx, for free. The replacement worked fine, and I have had no problems with it. I would recommend Straight Talk to anyone who wants a good quality phone with good service for $30 to $45 per month without a credit check or 2 year contract.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Sean.

  • Marky

    Great article. I didnt even know that straight talk extended their network. What i will say is that i have been getting exceptionally great service at a rate that i didnt know existed. Straight talk is a cut above the contract phones for numerous reasons. I like straight talk because the company helps me achieve good rates at and good service. Basically i am paying lees now then prior for better cheaper service.

  • twine

    Before I went on to straighttalk I did quite a bit of research as to finding the best provider. Straighttalk was by far the cheaper. They may be cheaper but let me tell you from experience I know that they are not offering poor service and quality. Straighttalk has been efficient, clear, no dropped calls and cost effective. For $45 a month I can run my office from my vehicle and get unlimited usage – this sure is a great deal!

  • Caroline

    Thanks for the heads-up. I already knew Straight Talk had reasonably priced monthly plans, since I’ve been a customer for a few months now. But now they’ve topped that with free phones! Even if some of them are sold out already, it’s another example of the way Straight Talk focuses on offering unbeatable deals to its customers.

  • caruchi24

    My Straight Talk cellphone has giving NO PROBLEM at all. I guess some persons are more lucky than others. I purchased the phone 3 month ago, they transferred my number from (AT&T) to ST within 20 min. and also added my minute card of $30 a month with 1000 minutes of talk/text/free 411 and 30 MB of data. The most important part of it all, SAVINGS. Lots of them

  • ronny

    You started out saying that the reconditioned phones are in fact free, and then you talk about buying them, when you are actually just buying the minutes. You have nothing to loose getting a free phone so there is no downside. My experience with Straight Talk has all been good so far. My phone is great and the coverage and reception have been excellent.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks ronny.

  • caruchi24

    Am back to add another comment on Straight Talk. I have saved up to today an incredible amount of $250 believe me am so happy I switch to ST. I still owe the last bill from the contract company a whooping $398 in which am paying whatever I can. Start saving by switching to ST you will be glad you did. Any way I have the $30 a month plan, but I am thinking to start the $45 a month unlimited. Swtich and Save.

  • petra

    Straighttalk surely is the righttalk. I have been on the $45 unlimited plan for over 8 months now and I have saved so much cash – about $800 all in all – I highly recommend this company to all

  • Greg

    I also have the 355c and i have no complaints what so ever. I’ve been using straighttalk for the past 6 months. I am currently on the unlimited plan for $45/month and it is exactly as any unlimited plan for any company. And with no doubt i recommend it.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Greg for the infor. and for sharing your experience with us.

  • Courtney

    What is the name of the web site you go to get get a free straight talk phone?

  • Dan

    straight talk has no phones for sale or free they are all “out of stock” and customer service can only say check back in 24 hours

  • Mike R

    Just got the LG 900g…sure wasnt free ($115 bucks) but similar phones at my BestBuy cost that and they wanted a contract for 2 years. Looking forward the having the unlimited plan for $45 a month and saving $50 compared to my old plan.

  • Eirc

    Straight Talk actually offers a good selection of phones compared to the other prepaid guys i looked into. Not all the phones are free obv but they have ones with full keyboards and touch screens and all that. Does anyone have any of the higer end phones that they offer?

  • Trevor

    I have been using Straight Talk for quite a while now, and I must say it is the best! I have tried it all…numerous contract carriers and numerous prepaid companies…but no one does it better than Straight Talk! It is only $45 a month for unlimited calls, data, and texts. I am saving so much money.

  • Shorty

    I been having ST 4 awhile. This is the CHEAPEST CELL PHONE PLAN You Ever find and SAVE ALOT of $$.

    This ST plan has more mins.ETC for the CHEAPEST PRICE.

    I highly recommend this to people Especially if your on a low budget and if you need a phone 4 the kids.

    Rite NOW they have FREE phones . There is only 3 choices

  • AlexJJJJ

    You know I was looking into prepaid phones but I am very hesistant. is it really as good as you guys say it is?? I am really in the market for saving money and if the coverage is on verizon like you guys say.. i dont know why i wouldnt try it. I like the phones as well. Anyone in particular you prefer?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello AlexJJJJ,
      If you have a local Walmart I would go and try the phones out for yourself.
      Most associates will usually be knowledgeable and know which phone works best where you live.
      I use the R355C which I enjoy using and it meets my needs. It is easy for me to send text and call
      quality on the Verizon network is superb where I live.

      Hope this helps.

  • tylers girl

    so i was curious how do you get a free good straight talk phone? i cant afford one right now and i can barely text!!! its very irritating…. so if possible please reply to my comment…