Straight Talk – More Phone Options Including Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile Services

Straight Talk continues to expand their offering of not only cell phones, but also the carriers they are using. Besides using the Verizon network for their CDMA services, the company has added GSM networks from AT&T and also T-Mobile, depending on the service quality in your area. Last night I contacted Straight Talk support and asked for clarification on the networks they are currently using. I received this reply:

We would like to inform you that Straight Talk is using the CDMA and GSM technologies. The Straight Talk phones that are under the CDMA network do not have a SIM Card. These phones are powered by Verizon. However, the phones under the GSM network have a SIM Card and they are powered by AT&T or T-Mobile (depends on the best working carrier on your area).

Please be advised that the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 are powered by AT&T only. Thank you for your inquiry.

One of the questions that has been asked by readers is if you can take a non Straight Talk phone [GSM only since CDMA phones do not have Sim cards] and use the phone with the Straight Talk service. Some have responded that they have had success using a ST SIM card in another unlocked phone and have indicated it worked for them.

However, the general consensus is though the phone may work, when you leave the area, the phone may not work for roaming.

My advice is this. Stick with a Straight Talk enabled phone for the best results. But if you have a GSM phone that you just have to have, you can try using the ST SIM but results are going to vary widely, depending on the make and model of the phone.

There is a lot of misinformation about ST phones. One reader noted the Nokia E71 works on both Verizon and AT&T which is false.

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  • theladyaspen

    This is great information and thanks for the clarification of how you can use these phones. I have many unused cell phones that make this very tempting to do, why tempt fate. I must agree that you should use the Straight Talk enabled phones as they are. If it works, why fix it! Was not aware about of smart phones using only AT&T. If you’re considering one you should definitely check to see if it will work in your area.

  • Legionnaire2010

    Thanks for the info cuz I thought that it was only verizon and hearing about how t-mobile and verizon are supported….wow!! Now I honestly don’t think I’ll get the Nokias so honestly I’m going to walmart family mobile cuz just as long as the gsm phone is unlocked I can swap phones delight….but honestly thanks for clearing it up….

  • Elli Sharp

    I was able to go online and pick out my phone, walk into the Walmart and have them help get me all set up. There was an option to set it up yourself online, but I like having some assistance when it comes to new electronics.

  • ronny

    Thanks for explaining it so clearly. I have just upgraded to a Nokia E71, which i am finding to be surprisingly good. My previous straight TAlk phone did not have a SIM card, so I guess I have migrated from Verizon to AT@T. So far it has made no difference to me. My reception is still good.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Ronny for sharing your experience with us.
      It is appreciated.
      Regards, Ron

  • Lilly

    How do you like the E71 Ronny? I was thinking about using it but I could not decide between that or the 6790. I think the e71 looks a lot nicer but I like the slider feature of the 6790. I am on the Straight Talk network and so it is really just a matter of choosing a new phone. I am happy they finally have smart phones!!

  • KevinG

    Yeah i know what you are saying. Straight talk runs on the verizon network though i know that for sure. All in all though i dont htink anyone can deny the deal that straight talk is. As far as value is concerned their are few in straight talks class.

  • offtherunway

    So glad I found these comments about the smart phone models. It’s not been easy to find both this type of phone and a good plan together. It seems like straight talk has pulled it off. I was told that the 6790 is better for heavy text messaging due to the design. Would like to get some input on the app store.

  • emmy ross

    @Lilly – I have the e71 and I am loving it. I too thought about the slider feature, but when I went into Walmart to take a look at the phones in person I ended up liking this one better. It has a better camera and I just liked the feel of it more. Did you end up choosing one?

  • petra

    I have the E71 offtherunway and am dead happy with it. Not familiar with the 6790 but I think what is important is that you get a straighttalk. They offer the unlimited plan for $45 a month. This is a real bargain and there are no extra little charges here and there – it is a straight $45 a month. This plan is saving me a lot of money every month – Good luck with the choice of phone