Roku HD Streaming Player 1080P Wireless N Review

I recently received the Roku Model #2050 HD Streaming Player, 1080P, Wireless N device. My main purpose for the device was to connect the Roku to my living room HDTV and stream movies from Netflix. I have the $9 a month Netflix account in which I get one DVD delivered at a time and which also includes unlimited streaming of movies from the Netflix site.

Inside the shipping box you receive the Roku HD device itself, a remote controller with batteries, power adapter, RCA cable and instruction sheets. The instructions are very basic and I believe the assumption is that any user of a Roku will be tech. savvy. If you are technological challenged you may wish to have a friend or relative assist you with setup.

I connected the Roku to my HDTV by HDMI cable, which I had purchased separately from Amazon for a modest $6.99. I purchased Amazon’s own Basic brand[here] . After switching the HDTV to the proper HDMI channel the Roku setup screen appeared.

The first thing you must do is to connect your Roku to your network. In my case I have a wireless network and I ran into an issue right away. I had the Roku scan for available networks. My network was not listed, but surprisingly 3 of my neighbors were. I tried setting up the network manually, but no joy. I moved the Roku to a different location and Bingo! The network was found and after entering my security key a connection to the Internet was made. The first step was for the Roku to call home and update itself.

After a reboot, a security key was provided. I setup an account on the Roku site, entered in the security code and synchronize the unit to my account. Next I did the same thing for my Netflix account and set it up as well. I also configured the Roku for 720p, this is what my HDTV is and also 5.1 audio. I streamed my first video and it was flawless. No stutter and perfect audio.

I will be playing with the Roku this coming week and will do a follow-up report to provide my user experience. So far all has worked well. It took me about an hour to set up. However, most of that time was spent getting the device to recognize my wireless network. :-) I moved the unit as recommended by the Roku instructions, and once I did that it worked just fine.

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  • the oracle

    What speed is your internet connection? We use my son’s PS3 to stream from our 3mb/s connection, and the combination of the sometimes less than full speed connection, with the 54g wireless, can cause some stumbles – though nothing that is too tough to take.

    Also, is your intranet 11g or 11n? I’m reading that 11n at 5GHz is the way to go for uninterrupted streaming.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Marc,
      11g at 10GHz. I have used a Wii for streaming with the same results.

      Another note: Since wearing the Skechers I have not been to the back cracker. :-)
      Of course now that I have opened my big mouth, my back will go out. LOL

  • Studly Stan


    How is this for accessing local media – music, movies, photos? Does this support UPNP?


    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Studly Stan,
      I am still checking out the channel store. There is plenty of media to add.
      Check out this link and you can view what is available:
      This will give you a better idea of what is supported and what isn’t.