Suddenlink 3 Strikes Policy For Copyright Infringers – Is This Legal?

Internet service provider Suddenlink has implemented a policy in which after three notices of copyright infringement, a consumer can lose their account for a period of up to six months. The company states that in its terms of service it is spelled out exactly the procedure for those who violate copyright law. The terms of service state that:

“If you continue to transfer Copyrighted Material illegally, you are violating Suddenlink’s policies and Suddenlink may take further action, including limiting your Internet download capacity, suspending or terminating your account, or a range of other measures.”

What caught my eye in the article I read was this:

In reality, this means that subscribers will be disconnected from the Internet for 6 months without a refund.

I don’t think so! If, and that is a huge if, my service from Suddenlink was disconnected for 6 months they would not be receiving one cent.

What do you think? Would you continue to pay your bill?

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  • J

    Make sure to note that Suddenlink gives customers three chances. the first time they send you a letter via first class mail. The second and third times, its a certified letter in which you must sign for. After every violation there is a 30 day grace period to get your PC and connection in check (i.e.- securing that WiFi, removing the file, or removing P2P clients). You must also note that the violations aren’t because you downloaded a file, but because you shared it for free to other people. Take out the dealer not the junkies. As far as the 6 months termination goes, the services are removed from your account and there is no paying for it. The service is a prepaid service with no contract. If you paid at the beginning of the month for the service then got terminated due to repeat violations, Suddenlink has the right to refuse a refund for the remainder of that month. You can’t take things out of text and make them sound like all of the truth. lol One last note. To those people who say, “well I would change providers, but they have a monopoly in my area.” This is true for almost all cable companies throughout the US. Most of the time you get one cable provider and your choice of satellite.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks No Thanks and J for sharing your opinions and thoughts.
      It is appreciated.
      regards, Ron

  • No Thanks

    They do not charge you for services that have been terminated. I know this for a fact.

  • joevans

    CableOne already does this out here in Idaho. If this is new for everyone else, I’m surprised. CableOne has been doing this for a few years now. I know many people that left their service cause they got disconnected the same way J described up above.

  • Michael Letterman

    I already recieved my first notice. What I told them (after telling them how ridiculous it was to claim an adult male would download a freaking Harry Potter book years after buying said book and donating it to the local library UNREAD) was that if any action was taken such as throttling my service, dissconnection without refund of that months unused service fee or anything else, I would sue them in court. While I can represent myself in the proceeding they as a corporation must pay an attorney to represent them. Since there is no law currently on the books calling for me to lose even a penny and since common law requires proof of any “crime” prior to conviction and punishment, well I’m quite sure this will end up costing them much more than it will me.

    This is the best way to treat any company that tries to push people around with arbitrary rules that adhere to no written laws. The person I spoke to was quite apologetic and while she said that it was out of her hands she agreed that the whole thing was ridiculous.

  • Chris Pauley

    You know I’d like to know just how legal all of what Suddenlink is doing is…
    I don’t live in an area that has Suddenlink, but I visit friends that do have it and I’ve noticed some disturbing things. Things like the fact they have recently updated or changed many of the modem’s firmwares that they rent out to block many websites. Like file serving sites or forums that have links to them. Or renting out modem/router combos that can not have the settings changed on for personal security. And in one case I even saw a situation where they actually altered settings on a router that my friends owned (not rented). Just how far can they go? Is this China or Iran? If you want part of the internet get Suddenlink, if you want the rest go somewhere else….

  • Ethan

    All though i am just a kid who loves to download games i don’t like the fact that they monitor what you are downloading because it IS afterall our buisiness not theirs.

  • Manish sharma

    there is a need to implement three strikes policy through out the world,in order to protect the right of composer or producer.the copyright law grants exclusive right to the composer, singer, producer etc. in respect to their work but still there is no strict law which bars or restrict illegal downloading.
    wipo should seriously think about the copyright owner.