Craigslist Removes Adult Section – Was It Pressure From The Government That Caused The Removal?

In a recent show of solidarity, 18 Attorney Generals from states across the U.S., had asked Craigslist to remove the adult content section. Apparently the pressure may have been too much for the San Francisco based online classified ad site only has a ‘censored’ where the site once was in black with white lettering. See below.

The ban is only for U.S. based online services and does not have any affect in other countries. No one has been able to reach Graigslist for comments as to why or when the dicision was made to remove the section.

So what do you think? Should Craiglsist have removed the section or should they have fought the government?

Source – SF Gate

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  • http://www.locng, ShadowMyth

    Prostitution will go on, just like the drug industry, regardless of attempts to control it. Prostitutes are safer going through Craig’s list, it is out of visual range for those who do not want to see it(off the streets), and it makes it easier for people like myself who hitchhike everywhere, as people do not think I am a prostitute.
    An entire street dedicated to prostitution in my town was completely cleaned up due to Craig’s list, and I am sure it is like that in most places. Secondly, it will solve nothing because the prostitutes were already migrating over to the ‘therapeutic’ section of CL, claiming to be massage therapist…I know because I do massage. Now CL has started to charge for the therapeutic section, just like they did the adult section…nothing can be done.
    Why people try to suppress animal instinct, even when it is not in their field of vision, is beyond me. If you have studied physiology, you will know the extremity of many male’s desires, and you are not going to stop them from getting what they want, and prostitution helps to curb rape in my opinion. Sad to say, but some men couldn’t get sex if they tried, and prostitutes are the only ones willing to do the deed. Suppression will only lead to a greater eruption of violence and crime, just as we see in the war against drugs.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello ShadowMyth,
      Good points.
      Have a great weekend.

  • Dave

    The bottom line is that if they weren’t doing anything illegal, why should they have to shut down this section? If there was a case to answer, a court of the land is the place to test this, NOT have “pressure” applied in order for the government to stop something they don’t like.