Walmart To Expand Straight Talk Phone Offerings To Include AT&T

Walmart may have stumbled upon a gold mine when it first introduced Straight Talk cell phone service via the Verizon network. Straight Talk cell service has become more popular as consumers opt out of the two year contract agreements and services which most consumers never use. Walmart has added 896,000 new users to the Verizon network and now plans to expand the Straight Talk services to include cell phones from AT&T.

In a recent news article from the WSJ it also stated the following:

AT&T confirmed that phones compatible with its network will be available to Straight Talk, which is a prepaid service exclusive to Wal-Mart. Previously, phones using the service could only run on Verizon Wireless’s network. BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk first reported the use of AT&T-compatible phones on Straight Talk.

I became a Straight Talk convert about a month ago. I purchased two Samsung R355C phones from Walmart which came with a $30 a month prepaid card for the Straight Talk network. For $30 a month you get 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 text messages and 30MB of data service for email and surfing the Internet. If a user needs more services Straight Talk offers a $45 a month prepaid card which offers unlimited talk time, texting and Internet access.

By Walmart adding the AT&T network to the Straight Talk service, this will provide service for those who may not be able to access Verizon.

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Source – WSJ

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  • Mark

    Since this is a GSM network, it would be nice if you could buy an unlocked phone and just use a Straight Talk SIM card. That would bring in a lot of users. Straight Talk’s current plans use CDMA phones and you are limited to a few specific models, only one of which uses 3g.
    Now, let me bring in the smartphone of my choice and I might go for it but I expect you will again be limited to a few models. We’ll see.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Regards, Ron

  • Violet

    I’m very happy with Wal-Mart’s expansion of Straight Talk to the AT&T service – it is a huge accomplishment. Great article. I do alot of my shopping at Wal-Mart and have always been impressed with its great low prices. I even got my prepaid phone on the Net10 service from there and it has kept me a very happy customer. Prepaid wireless is taking over the market and I’m glad Wal-Mart is taking part of it too :)

  • Peter

    I’m with Mark on this one. This sounds great, but if I can’t use the phone of my choosing, I’m not as interested. The cost savings otherwise sound pretty good.

  • Cindy

    I am happy to hear about Straight Talk adding AT&T as we cannot get very good service at home with it right now. Verizon users have a very hard time getting reception here and I got sick and tired of the outrageous bills and unauthorized charges from AT&T (even though we had reception). It was bad enough to buy the phone ($70 one) and know we wouldn’t get good service here at home, but worth the savings. Works everywhere else pretty well.

    Does anyone know when Straight Talk will be adding the AT&T service???

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Cindy,
      Were are still waiting to hear.

  • Andy

    I am am so happy with what I pay for my cell phone because I am on Net10. I save so much money! Not to mention that they have great nationwide coverage and sweet phones.

  • Cellphoneguy

    The GSM phone have been available for about a month now. The model numbers will end in G’s for the gsm phones and the cdma phones will end with C’s. I am going to try the gsm sim in my jailbroke and unlocked iphone this thursday when I get paid!!! I am doubt it is going to work because the sim cards look to be tracfone sims. Tracfone sims are only compatible with tracfones so there is a good chance that the straight talk sims are going to work the same way. We will soon know for sure.

  • brad

    I had T-mobile 1st & then Sprint for 10+ yrs. Their phones were ok but the service was lousy. I had lots of dropped calls + there was always the contract Issues. I have had Straight talk for about 6 months now & I am seriously happy with it & the Verizon network. I was doing the $30.00 deal but just switched to the $45.00 plan so I do not have to think about minutes anymore ($50.00 with tax). I have been seeing a lot of Touch Screen phones lately & just looked into Straight talks Touch Screen version. Does anyone know if AT&T is going to offer any Touch Screen Models?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Brad,
      ST has been offering a Samsung touch screen but for some reason they have pulled the model from their site and also from
      the Walmart site. It was the Samsung r810 Finesse model. I was disappointed to see this model eliminated, but it made me wonder if the phone itself was
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us.
      Regards, Ron

  • Ruby Robinson

    Samsung r810 Finesse model I have this one but have not used it and I am going back to stright talk after problems with the EVCO with sprint. Will I still be able to use my phone. Also what phone are been added. I want a blackberry

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Ruby – we are waiting to see what phones AT&T will be using.

  • ugabuga

    Can I port my phone no. to ST phone?
    How long does it take?
    Will I be without a phone for several days while the porting is being finalized?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi ugabuga,
      You can port your number to ST. Times vary from one day to 30 days depending on how helpful your old carrier is.

  • Renae

    ST stopped selling the Finesse because Samsung is no longer going to be making this phone. I hope this means that a better one is in the making. I love my Finesse, but definately ready for an upgrade. Does anybody know anything about any new models yet? When is AT&T going to have phones available through ST?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Renae,
      Thanks for the information about the Finesse phone. I was wondering why they disappeared from not only the ST web site, but also from Walmart.
      We are still waiting for AT&T phones for ST to show up on either site. I try to check at least a few times a week.
      Regards, Ron

  • Andrew

    I had to search for my Finesse and I love it! Awesome phone. Moved my service over from AT&T for personal reasons. Would love to use an AT&T phone on ST just to stick it to AT&T. I bought an ST moto rzr v3 online but was disappointed to see that a lot of my favorite rzr features are not available on this model. What ST really needs is a blackberry and if I hear one more person form ST customer service that there cheap samsung wannabe is “just like a blackberry” I’m going to hurl. No one at Walmart even knows about the change to allow AT&T phones. Straight Talk needs to get better customer service. That’s the only thing that is hurting their reputation.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Andrew,
      I have to agree. I have the blackberry wannabee and it is not even close.
      But we have to remember that this is why ST is so inexpensive. OK. It
      is for us cheapskates! LOL

  • Les Beans

    It’s great that they are now offering phones that work on AT&T’s network, but I’m quite happy with mine on Verizon.

    I have the R355 and even tho it’s definitely NOT a Blackberry, the qwerty keypad is nice. Fine signal etc. But the money savings is the best thing about it.

    Yeah, it’s not a smartphone, but paying 30 bucks for 1000 minutes and texts is pretty sweet!

    Check out this commercial I cam across the other day of the subject:

    • Ron Schenone

      I have the R355 as well. Works great. Does everything I need and you can’t beat the price! :-)

  • Nikki

    My question is aimed back @ cellphoneguy~~~I am really wanting an unlocked iphone and would to be able to use this service with it, did it work????

  • Donna D

    Hi All,
    Oh if only I could use my blackberry 8330. Seems as though there has just got to be a way. I got it when I was with verizon but couldn’t afford verizon anymore as I am on a fixed income. I really like straight talk but I agree that the customer service could use some improvement. I had to go with the moto razr. A nice little phone but my blackberry is much more practical for me. I sure do miss it. Can ya tell??

  • scott

    I am wondering if they are going to have Att phones or if they are just using the network..I purchased a couple straight talk phones from Wal-mart about a month ago and the lady asked if they were going to be used in the area that I was buying them from or if they were foing to be used somewhenre else, I told her they were going to be used locally she said ok then you will want the Verizon net work then as Att network did not work that great in the area I live. I asked her what the difference was, she said the phones are the same except the Att network phones had a sim card in them. That lead me to believe that the phones were going to be the same, just the networks would be different.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Scott for the info.

  • Becca

    I was wondering if I could “tether” a ST phone to a laptop for internet service? Right now I have a contract with Verizon for 1 more year with a $70 a month internet card and I only get 5GB month

  • Donna D

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get my blackberry to work with straight talk at this point??

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Donna D,
      I would give ST a call and ask them.
      Regards, Ron

  • Chuck J

    What’s the deal here? Walmart’s “Straight Talk” service is through Tracfone….NOT Verizon. If it was Verizon it wouldn’t be getting such terrible reviews. As for adding ATT as a service provider? Based on Ron’s ongoing retorts, I’d say he’s an employee of Walmart/Tracfone.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Chuck J,
      Both ST & Tracefone use the Verizon network. Common Sense uses the Sprint network.
      Could you post the links to those terrible reviews? I would be interested in reading them.
      I own a Nissan so I must be an employee of that company as well! LOL

  • Tabitha P

    Hi all! I would like to know if you buy a straight talk phone and plan, that if you get the phone that has a sim card in it, can you also be able to use that phone as an at&t go phone. For instance since straight talk has partnered with At&t… If i for some reason wanted to use the GSM phone I bought from Straight Talk, with at At&t go phone plan and sim card can I do that?

    Simply put, can I buy a straight talk phone and be able to use it as an At&t go phone if needed without having to by a new phone?

    P.S. my job will give you a stipend to pay for at&t go phone monthly, but not straight talk, but they aren’t
    going to do that for another 5 months

  • Jana

    I just migrated to ST using Verizon service but Verizon is sketchy in my town. I’m DYING for the AT&T models and SIMS to be released because I really need to get on AT&T’s towers for great service. I hope I will be able to keep my r451c phone and just switch out the SIM…AT&T more info PLEASE!!!

  • Pat

    I have the straight talk phone T401G and its a good phone, the problem I have with this is you can’t download free ringtones and music. I bought a usb cable to download music I have on my computer and that was block also. You have to buy from staight talk only with a charge card. I ask if you could purchase a gift card from walmart to make purchases, but was told I needed to use a credit card, which I don’t have so I guess I am at the mercy of straigt talks preinstalled music, ringtones etc…. ughhhh

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Pat,
      Your Samsung T401G phone has a slot for a microSD. You can transfer your ring tones
      from you computer to the microSD card and use the tones easily. Below is a site I found
      free ring tones at:

      I hope this helps.

  • Christopher Stone

    How can we find out if unlocked, or other “Verizon” phones will work with ST?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Christopher Stone,
      In my conversations with ST support, it is my understanding that only phones designed
      specifically for ST service will function. :-( If this was not the case, I would of purchased
      an unlocked phone myself. A Blackberry Bold comes to mind. I jokingly call my Samsung
      r355c a ‘Blueberry’. I am hoping that if and when ST services become more popular that
      they may expand their offering to smartphones.

  • Christopher Stone

    btw….I have emailed ST customer service and have not gotten a response to this question, other than the standard message letting me know that they are forwarding my email to the proper dept.

  • Christopher Stone

    This was the response I received from ST about using other phones on this network:

    We are only able to activate handsets manufactured specifically for Straight Talk Wireless. You can purchase a Straight Talk phone on our website at or at a participating Wal-Mart retailer. We will not be able to provide you with a specific time frame to which new Straight Talk phone models will be available.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Christopher Stone,
      We must of crossed posted at the same time. :-)
      Thank you for confirming this.
      Regards, Ron

  • David

    Hello all,
    I work in electronics at Wal-Mart and was told by the Wireless personel that New models of Straight Talk should be out by the end of the year.
    For those who are looking at ST as your new carrier, I highly recommend the service. Keep your receipt and packaging, and ask if there are alternative activation codes for the phones using verizon network. Straight Talk service reps only have a handfull of activation codes, and your specific area may need a different one. This accounts for alot of the frustrations people experience with the new service. Phones using Verizon network have a model number ending in C and the GSM network ends with G. Unfortunately, porting numbers can occasionally be a problem of up to 7 day delay. This is dependant on the former carrier releasing, and not ST. Another suggestion, do your research on the phones. There are phones that I simply don’t recommend. They have a very high return policy and poor customer reviews online. I use the R451c and have for the last 8 months. The only thing I don’t like about the phone is the music player.
    Conclusion-do research of different network coverages, choose a higher rated phone, keep the reciept and all of the packaging, return within 15 days if it’s not going to work for you.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello David,
      Thanks you for the information. I look forward to see what type of new phones ST will offer.
      Also thanks for the information about ST coverage. I have been extremely fortunate and have
      found ST works great where I love and also on both coasts. I haven’t experienced a dropped
      call since I first started using the phone about 4 months ago. I use the Samsung R451C as well,
      and the phone works great.
      Best regards, Ron

  • Alexis

    My go phone from At&t just broke and I got a straight talk phone from Walmart. I tried to switch the sim cards over and the straight talk phone was locked and asked for the sim card number. Can this problem be fixed or do I have to stick with the new sim card and number?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Alexis,
      Your sim from AT&T is not going to work. You will need to use the sim that came with the ST phone.
      With that being said, I would contact ST and confirm what I am saying.
      Let us know what you find out.

  • David R

    I also work for Walmart’s Electronics Department. The ST Rep has told me that some new phones will be available at the end of this year, beginning of next year. The Samsung R451C and R355C are by far our best sellers. People in our area are flooding to these phones. I believe it is due to getting out of contracts. The two major carriers in our rural metro area are T-Mobile and Verizon. Att and Sprint have one tower, were the former two have around 15 to 20 towers in our area. I phones are cool paperweights in our area. I have a GSM phone Samsung T401G, My wife bought it for the features. It has great features, but unfortunately does not work in my area. It works in my place of work, and that is just about it. I think that the T401G is one of the ATT phones you are referring to, but I am not sure.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello David R,
      If you hear receive any more information, please let us know.
      Thanks, Ron

  • Dave

    Maybe a better name would be “Straight Trash”! After extensive research of all the PAYGO plans, it is clear “WallyWorld” is holding fast to their customer controlling Gestapo ways! From anti-tethering to stone age phones… Are we sure Walmart isn’t owned by Obama?

  • Johnny

    I have been considering the option of straight talk in an unlocked phone, but have not yet tried it. I talked to tech support, and they said to call and activate it when I get it. HAVE NOT YET TRIED IT.

    • Ron Schenone

      If you do get an unlocked phone that works, please let us know your experience.
      Best regards, Ron

  • Johnny

    i was told that they now use AT&T as well as All Tel in certain areas.

    I live in a fringe area, and it shows on their maps that ATT gets better coverage here in Central Alabama than Verizon’s cdma, therefore I am extremely interested in having that option.

  • Mystii G

    Yeah ST has new phones now Nokia smartphones im gettin the E71 heard it was a good fast easy but not cheaply bulit or made has a 3.2 Megapixcel camra with flash n video recording witch is really nice and it has wifi and FM Radio and Full keyboard and comes with 4GB memory card and free voice activated navigation and has a App store and games/themes bulit in and also has instant messenger and full PC like web browser witch is really needed for unlimited messagain n web loll And has a BIG Battery lol witch means longer battery life witch is a plus loll and and you have to use the 45 a month plan on the smartphones witch is good loll cuz thts cheap im surprised they didnt make it 10 extra for smart phones like most other prepaid companys are doing loll i think is dumb its really nice outside and inside(screen/menu/features) its like a blackberry but nokia verison lolll they got another nokida but its a slider and very small screen/keyboard im in love with the nokida E71

  • raveen1

    I have a new unlocked LG Vu C920 with At&T is this one of the phones that i can get straight talk with at walmart???

  • Jehovahs Soilder

    I need to know if i can use a gsm unlocked phone with my st sim card! if so that would be awesome! and i was wondering if that samsung r335 is a good fone!

    • Ron Schenone

      Jehovahs Soilder,
      The Samsung r355c works fine for me and my wife. We text more than we talk and texting is easy.
      As far as using the Samsung SIM in an unlocked phone? I would give ST a call for an answer.
      Phone at: 1-877-430-CELL (2355)

  • vicki

    I have a T401G, live in Monticello Georgia and cannot get service with straight talk, but after complaining to straight talk the rep “guaranteed” that I do have service in my area and I simply need to buy a minutes. We let them expire because we could never use the phone. She went so far as to give me her name and employee number when I asked for it. I do not like the plan or the service and agree Walmart is just raking in the money, and only give a 14 day return policy on the phones.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Vicki,
      If the phone didn’t work during the first 14 days, why didn’t you take it back?

  • Skip

    My thought on the Monticello area is do they get any service with A T & T since they bought the GSM phone. Maybe a CDMA phone would get better coverage there on the Verizon network. I am swithching to ST in Feb when my Verizon contract is up and will stick with CDMA phones as A T & T reception and call quality is not as good in Roswell metro ATL Area.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Skip,
      When you make the switch over to ST, come back and let us know what you think of the service.
      Regards, Ron

  • Steve

    I work for WalMart, and here is some infor for you. Straight Talk phone models ending with the letter “G” are GSM phones that will work on the AT&T network. Phone models ending with the letter “C” are CDMA phones that will work on the Verizon network. If you are not sure which phone will work in your neck of the woods, you can find out at, or at Shop for the ST phones, and enter the zip code for your area. I use the cheap LG 220C, because AT&T won’t work in my area. Those who do have AT&T (both contract and prepaid) report unreliable service, including dropped calls, even in town where there are many AT&T towers.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Steve for the information. Very helpful and I will pass it on.

  • Tina

    Hubby and I switched to ST in Sept, he returned his T401c for a T401g like mine, reception was much better (I guess we are picking up ATT signal). Really like these phones, have been texting like crazy..that keyboard makes all the difference, and I’m surprising pleased with the internet.

    Dont have much to compare it to as we only used our phones to “talk” in the past…..but really wish we had waited until Dec to check out those NEW phones

    Dont regret for one minute saying good bye to ATT!

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Tina for sharing your experience with us.
      Regards, Ron

  • Johnny T

    The smart phones will require the unlimited plan to operate. As for dropped calls, I have not have that much trouble with dropped calls, and I live in a fringe area where cdma, ia virtually non existent for cell phone calls, but enough for test messages. In researching ATT, I find I am shown to have enough signal to make phone calls. Remains to be seen. Right now I am checking out my options.

  • S. Dunc

    I have the straight talk finesse and am waiting for them to come out with another touchscreen phone that is able to view you tube video’s and more. But since I haven’t heard of anything coming out anytime soon and my phone is covered in scratches and in need of replacing could I somehow buy an ATT touch screen phone either prepaid or locked or unlocked and use it on the straight talk network? How can I get another touchscreen phone I can use on straight talk? Is anything new coming out that is not yet posted on their page?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello S. Dunc,
      The two new Nokia phones is currently all that is being offered. No clue or rumors about
      other phones.

  • Jeff Lane

    I have the new ST 401G I pulled my sim out and put it in a friends unlocked ATT phone and called it and it worked. Didn’t try any other features. I am unlocking a Wing I have right now to see if it works.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Jeff,
      Thanks for the info. Interesting.

  • Johnny T

    It would be nice, however, I have such an unlocked phone, and was told in no uncertain terms, both in broken spoken english as well as in a email, that it the answer is no, they can only activate only phones sold by straight talk.

  • Johnny T

    Ron, there is an Lg900G, which I think is simed to T Mobile. I have 5 bars of AT &T here, 0 to 1 of Verizon, and 0 Of T Mobile. I have been able to get no definitive answers from straight talks tech support group at all, and can only understand 1 in about 40 or so I have talked to. The only thing I can be sure I understood is that you have to use their sim card, and its the one it comes with.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Johnny T,
      I’ll ask and see what ST says.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Johnny T,
      This is what ST support states:

      ‘We would like to inform you that Straight Talk is using the CDMA and GSM technologies. The Straight Talk phones that are under the CDMA network do not have a SIM Card. These phones are powered by Verizon. However, the phones under the GSM network have a SIM Card and they are powered by AT&T or T-Mobile (depends on the best working carrier on your area).
      Please be advised that the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 are powered by AT&T only. Thank you for your inquiry.’

  • Matthew McCarty

    Guys please…..stop with the calling ST asking if you can use unlocked phones with their GSM …..u know they are going to say NO. Just test it out. Mine worked. Thats not to say yours will. I had to buy a new G model phone as the earlier models ending in C are CDMA with no SIM card. I simply switched out the SIM card to the unlocked phone and presto….I got it going on like Donkey Kong.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Matthew,
      Good advice. Just test the phone and see if it works. With all of the different makes and models
      it is going to be a crap shoot whether the phone works or not.

  • frank lawrence

    I have been using straight talk with verizon network phones and I am very satisfied with everything except the slow speed of email and web…Does anyone know if the att phones will have faster data

  • SGT

    Whoever put STRAIGHT TRASH can suck a dXXk ! Im in the Military and me and my family use this ST and it works great. We’ve moved around and it never lost service….Ive been in the middle of nowhere on field exercises in the states and still service never dropped! Ive converted several people in the Army to this service and would never regret dropping ATT which is STRAIGHT TRASH! So before some stupid child gets on here discouraging you to get this phone read the positives!

  • Stephanie

    The only issue I have had with Straight Talk was when I first switched to them. I had a Tracfone prepaid, and assumed (foolishly) that they could just transfer my number, since they are both owned by Tracfone. Wrong. Also, the nearest Walmart to me is 20 mins south. Apparently, the sim card sold in the phones at the store are the wrong ones for my area, 20 mins north. After 5 hours, and 3 different people speaking broken English, I waited for a new sim card that would be compatible with my area. I got the sim card 4 days later, and once activated, with a NEW number (that is so not fun, trying to make sure everyone has the new number), I had a phone again.

    I use my phone from the bottom of my state to up into the White Mountains, and have never had a dropped call, or issues getting on the internet. Love it. Can’t wait to get one of the smart phones, but don’t want the same issues with the sim card. Hoping I can just put my current one in.

    My biggest complaint is the same one I had with the Tracfone prepaid….PLEASE move your customer service to the USA so I can speak to someone who knows English.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Stephanie,
      ALL companies need to bring back support to the U.S. :-)
      Regards, Ron

  • Natasha

    I have two unlocked phones and i use the t401g and when i put my ST sim card in them they do not work I’ve tried everything because i really want to use my touch screen phone but ST will not work in it :(

  • Stephanie

    I’ve swithced to StraightTalk a couple of months ago and I’m super happy with the price and the service. Haven’t had the misfortune of calling Customer Service (and hopefully won’t have to) but I completely agree that Support must be brought back to the US! It would save a lot of huh moments!

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Stefanie,

  • Greg

    I switched from at&t to ST only a month ago, no complaints with reception but I have simple G phone and gsm service. I am finally adopting the smart phone tech and found a finesse for ST on ebay to try to ease into smart phones. Do you think the reason for lack of many smartphone is due to the fact that they would use more of the bandwidth if they were in high use at ST?

    I agree it would be nice to have better speaking ST customer service to talk to but, face it most of us switched for the cost savings and you have to take the good with the bad :)

    thanks for the nice civil discussions- too

  • Karen

    hi my question is…i have bought the 2 nokia smartphones that came had better service than the other. I have the E71 now and reception is bad at my house but the other one was ok other than internet. They both run on at&t. Is there a setting or something that would help?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Karen,
      Unfortuantely it has to do with your location and where the nearest cell tower is located.
      I am hoping that ST comes out with a smart phone for the Verizon network which works great
      where I live.

  • John

    I can tell you first hand that the old CMD Straight talk phones are the only ones you will get the best coverage. The new phones that have a sim card from AT&T are not worth it because my old Straight talk CMD types work at airport, the desert, everywhere and the new offer from AT&T it not there.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi John,
      Interesting. I had an AT&T go-phone before switching to ST on the Verizon network.
      I also saw that the signal strengrh in my house with AT&T was spotty. Yet with Verizon
      it works extremely well.

      I also am using the Google Chrome Cr48 beta computer, that also uses Verizon’s 3G
      network and signal strength is outstanding.

      I just wish ST would come out with a smartphone on the Verizon network.

      I’ll stick with Verizon over AT&T. :-)

  • Tammy Patterson

    The E71 they have is perfect for this Straight Talk service. I have the Nokia, and it works really well. FB app, gmail app, and everything you might need. I’ve had not too many problems with the AT&T service or at least the use of their network. It’s been okay for me. No dropped calls at least. I’m just glad I’m not paying the price I used to pay for the real AT&T plans. haha

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Tammy for the information.
      Regards, Ron

  • jeeneo

    Yes, I’ve stumbled upon many goldmines at Walmart,but the biggest in savings for me has been with Straight Talk.Have a family full on teenagers,all which i converted to straight talk. The deal was they choose and pay for the phone they want and I pay their unlimited service at $45/month. I end up winning! Hope in the future they come up with a family plan.

  • Jane

    This is such great news! I’ve switched to Straight Talk about two years ago and have loved the service since then. Its increadibly reliable and very cheap. Its been a lifesaver and I’m glad that I switched when i did.

  • Terry

    I too like ST’s coverage and $ savings. we cut our monthly bill in half. However…

    …is there an unlocked smart phone I can buy that will work with ST? I seem to read conflicting reports.


    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Terry,
      My understanding is that only ST approved phones will work.
      With that being said, some people have put an ST sim in a
      phone from a comeptitor and stated it worked. This is why
      there are conflicting reports. :-(

  • Danny

    If no one has said anything yet, the E71 can tether. I’m still trying to find out if the 6790 (Surge) can tether.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Danny.

  • Danny

    Also, you don’t have to pay anything extra to tether. You just plug it in and run the setup and you’re good to go.

  • Mike

    I am so happy with my Nokia E71. The E71 is a bona fide smartphone running the Symbian S60 3rd edition operating system, basically meaning I have a web browser and apps. I can load whatever MP3s on there I want and assign any of them as my ringtone w/o paying! The Nokia Ovi Suite PC software allows me to sync the phone with my computer and makes the liability of losing the data on my smartphone minimal.

    Throw on top of the killer smartphone an unlimited plan for $45/mo and there is nothing to lose. Dont be confused, you pay for your phone no matter what, free/discounted phones on contract recoup all lost costs and more through the inflated cost of service and constraints of a contract. Needing to front the cost for this phone was the least of my worries!

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
      It is appreciated.

  • http://Walmarttoexpandstraittalkphoneoffering Gary

    I have been I think with every net work possible and it was problem after problem . my last one was ATT and I could not get a signal in my house or around my house I had to go to the parking lot accross the street to talk to my friends and family . I since purchased Strait talk and I love it .. I can get a signal anywhere anytime and its awsome. I will never go with another net work ever again .. 45.00 gets me unlimited text, calls , and internet service with ATT I got 200 text unlimited calls and no internet at all . Thanks strait talk for providing the nation with such a reliable and fun network .

  • Prince4angel

    I have been with att for awhile since they have had the $60 unlimited talk and text cause when I was with cricket I lost signal alot when I would go out of town. When I switched to att i lost the unlimited internet but gained good coverage now with ST I save $15 and gain the unlimited internet back and keep the coverage. Sounds good huh. of course it does but one down fall. The phones with ST are cheap and crappy I love my htc tilt 2 I have worked all the bugs out where it works perfect i contacted att and even unlocked it. The Thing is my friend has a nokia E71 phone with ST I wondered if ST would work with my tilt 2 phone from att. So i took his sim card and put it in my phone. Turned it on and wow worked great had to change the internet setting so that would work but text and calls worked fine. So I went to walmart baught a cheap gsm phone with ST got the $45 unlimited card and activated it. I put the sim in my tilt 2 and what do you know it wont work. The phone basicly just sits there with no signal or service but it worked fine the day before with my friends ST sims card whats wrong with that picture????? Why wont this one work???

  • Chris Taveras

    Hello Ron Schenone,

    If I buy a phone, that is on at&t network. and take out the sim card and put it on a at&t phone , will it work. If the answer is yes , which phone sure I get .



    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Chris,
      According to ST it won’t work. But others says it might. My answer is I am not sure.

  • eddytal77

    Straight Talk is pretty great if you need to cut down on your mobile spending but still want a powerful plan with unlimited-everything you could want from a phone, including email. Yes, the email isn’t speedy, and yes, customer service is a nightmare, but I’m spending 33% of what I used to .

  • Jonathon Reynolds

    Ok. My wife and I was on st. It was great but we were looking at lowering our bill even more and we wanted different phone then what st was offering. So what we did was went to T-mobile and bought two droid smart phones out right with no contracts. Took them to walmart and bought the famly mobile phone activation kit. Called and activated the unmarked unregistered sim card. Put them in our phones and they worked. Point being you dont activate the gsm phone, just the sim card. The only thing they needed from us was the numbers off the sim card. They didnt ask for any info from the phones. And as far as having to have a data plain with a smartphone for it to work, its a lie. They say that to make people think that so you have to have the data plan. With family mobile you can buy a web pack, but it is not required for you to be able to use your smartphone. So you should not need a data plan on a smartphone with st either. As to why the sim will only work in certain phones, dont have that answer. However I would like to know is there any other way to get a st gsm sim card with out buying a st gsm phone.

  • joey roberts

    i know why att and straighttalk jointed together all for the money plus att has better cell phone reception i have straight talk now with the t401g its ok outside but inside the house i cant hear anything when talking on the phone and the web sucks its so slow honestly i think 4 30 or 45 bucks a month we should be able to get a free smart, for every one who sticks with you guys oh and its no secret ron works for st. oh and its also no secret that the customer service reps are from another country we need more companies in america i worked for t-mobile for 3 years and honesty they have better service than you oh and their cheaper you can get mobile web for just 5 bucks a month on prepaid!

  • Loraine C.

    Hi Ron,
    I am currently switching to Straight Talk from Verizon. At this time there is an offer of free phones. They are LG-420G and LG-220 C. Both are inexpensive flip phones but I thought I would choose one of these until I can get the Nokia E71. In my area, Walmart stays sold out of the E71. I’ve read up on these LG models and watched the reviews on Youtube, and think the LG 420G looks ok. Does anyone have any info/suggestion on which of these models would be the best?

    Thanks so much… I’ve enjoyed reading your blog!

    • Ron Schenone

      Hello Loraine C.,
      ST smartphones have become so popular, they are unavailable online at Walmart
      nor at the ST site.

  • Tammy

    So How would I go about acquiring the Nokia E71 if you cant get it online through Walmart or ST? I am now more interested in the E71 than the Samsung R355C, since I have read up on the E71.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Tammy,
      According to the folks at ST, you can’t use a SIMM from another companies phone, even though the make is the same.
      With that being said, some people have used their SIMM and actually got it to work. Your mileage may vary.

      The success of ST has overwhelmed their phone supply. :-( No clue when the smartphones will be back in stock.

  • Tammy

    today Walmart in Conway SC had the E71. First time in last few weeks that i have found it there. and i check walmart 2-4x a wk.

    • Ron Schenone

      Thanks Tammy for the info. Walmart still doesn’t have them available online yet.
      Either does ST. :-(

  • Kate Hasler

    Hello. My brother-in-law has a phone he purchased at Walmart for the ST service. His has stopped using the phone (he doesn’t have a job) since he can’t pay for it. He is giving me the phone… can I still activate it with the SIM card that was in it when he purchased it? If so, do you know if the phone number will the same or will it change?