Are You Lonely? Would You Like A Cease & Desist Letter? Email The CEO of AT&T

A customer of AT&T sent emails to the CEO of the company and received a response that if he did not stop sending emails, he would receive a cease and desist letter. The customer sent two emails in two weeks: one asking that his eligibility date be bumped up on his iPhone and the second outlining his disagreement with AT&T’s new rate plans. He further suggested he would switch to another carrier.

Shame on this person who had the gall to contact the CEO. After all, the CEO of any company is way too busy to respond to a peon’s request to do anything. With the exception of Steve Jobs, no other CEO of any major company would stoop so low as to read any emails from disgruntled customers. Just because someone is dumb enough to sign up for any type of a long range service contract with any phone company, that person should be happy to pay the monthly fee without crying over some minor changes.

You gotta love these big corporations.

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  1. JFK says:

    I had to make a complaint to Best Buy earlier this year. One thing I learned in life is to never take any crap. Look at what the big bosses at Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs (crooks), Enron, and more recently British Petroleum. The American people had enough and we taxpayers (all of us) are paying for it.
    As regrettable as this all is we are allowed to exercise our right of free speech:

  2. Dean says:

    Its ludicrous enough to be amusing at first.
    You forgot to include the CEO’s name, Randall Stephenson.
    Wonder if I’ll get a cease and desist for publicly thinking he’s a wanker.