Why Is Google’s Chrome Browser So Popular?

Google appears to have a winner in its Chrome browser, which now has a 6% user rating when compared to all browsers. So what makes Chrome so popular? Why is Chrome trumping such browsers as Opera and Safari? Is it because Google continues to mystify users with its products and applications? While Firefox still commands a 24% market share, will it be very long before Google catches up? These and other questions remain as we enter into another browser war of sorts as more people head to alternatives to using IE.

A recent article also states:

While most browsers rose a fraction of a percent, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continued to decline, losing almost a whole percent over the past month alone.

The article also states that:

But others said they still stick with Firefox due to a few key features — such as Firebug and certain extensions — that Chrome doesn’t have yet. Others complained that Chrome was unstable or couldn’t handle certain websites or user behaviors as well as Firefox. And some of those in the enterprise are still bound to IE, at least during business hours.

Some are claiming that Chrome gained popularity when Google issued a Mac version recently, which could explain the increase in share.

But what do you think? Have you made the switch and why?

I am personally staying with Firefox because for me it is like an old friend, tried and true. Just my two cents.

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  • Dick

    I agree with you Ron and for the same reason. I know everybody wants something new but I enjoy the familiar. Not hunting for a program, or control, or feature is a big plus. Not only for the browser, but the OS too. I like my changes to come in small bites so I can absorb them without any problems.
    I’m just old I guess.

  • leftystrat

    Maybe they’ve got some of whatever Jobs has. Whenever they put stuff out, everybody is ready to wait in line to get it.

    P.S. Try Iron browser. It uses the Chrome source but doesn’t eat your privacy.

    • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

      Heh leftystrat,
      Thanks for the information.

      Hi Dick,
      I recall doing a piece about the ‘feel’ of software and how it works. Firefox just ‘feels’ right for me. I agree that the OS also needs to feel right. It took me awhile but now Windows 7 ‘feels’ right for me.

      To everyone who has commented. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinions. It is appreciated.

      All the best, Ron

  • http://www.gavincampbellonline.com Gavin

    I gave chrome a chance. I used it for the last two months. For the most part I found the equivalent plugins for chrome that I had on firefox.


    the plugins just were not up to the same standards as firefox. The developers said that firefox had a much better plugin interface to work with and that was the reason.

    Also chrome gave me problems on some sites. It just wouldn’t load for some reason. I always had to go back to firefox or IE for something.

    I did however really like the feel of chrome. I like how the tabs are at the top and it was so fast to load.

    I think in time chrome could be a top browser but I had to go back to firefox.

  • Thomas B

    I have no idea why..I remember I used the beta..if you had more than 1 flash app at a time it’d freeze then give you that dead puzzle piece.
    The dead puzzle piece is like the BSOD.
    I have only used the beta, but after that I don’t think I’ll be switching for a LONG time.
    I use Firefox

  • http://www.lidforss.com Thomas Lidforss

    I like Chrome because of simplicity and stability. It is very crash proof and does not screw up the rest of my laptop. I know that by avoiding plug-ins, Firefox and IE would probably be much better but I have got used to the ease and speed of Chrome so I will keep using it. The only time I have managed to make it crash is when the WiFi connection drops in the middle of the browser fetching data.

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  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/lumpy/ lumpy

    Personally, I hate IE.

    I find myself using FF and Chrome. I can’t ditch FF because I am an extension addict. I do love the large viewing area for Chrome but agree. It needs more extensions.

    I also agree that Chrome is still buggy. One of the more annoying things is that it seems really slow and buggy in Google Docs of all things… heh

    Regardless, I think Google will continue to improve Chrome. I can see it becoming my primary browser if it become less buggy.

  • Alan Monroe

    I wish Firefox had the ability to tell me which of my 30+ tabs was the one eating CPU. That’s the primary Chrome feature I’m jealous of.

  • http://11Entertainment.tk Samuel Rowan

    I’m reading this on chrome right now!

    • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

      Hello Samuel,
      That’s impossible………….I posted the article using Firefox! LOL
      I hope you enjoy using Chrome. I’m hoping that the Chrome OS will be enjoyable as well.

  • Barry Etheridge

    The real question for me is why Firefox is popular. I know geeks love to have pages of configuration and plug-ins to fiddle with but it’s a browser for crying out loud. Like all good referees and umpires it should be essentially invisible. All I want is to see webpages the way they’re intended to be seen.

    Nothing beats Chrome for ‘out-of-the-box’ performance. It works. It doesn’t choke on even the most elaborate code. What’s not to like?

    • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

      Hi Barry,
      Good point.

  • Mike Kalla

    I’ll tell u what I think of chrome just as soon as I tell U how horrid I think Bing is

  • http://thirdworldcounty.us David

    I dislike Chrome because not only is it a dumbed down browser that needs multiple extensions just to have what I’ve come to expect as just basic functionality in my browser, but because it’s also too opaque, obscuring (or making impossible) the kind of customizing I like to do with my browser. Well, Firefox is less dumbed down and a bit easier to customize, but it still requires an extension just to implement such basic functionality as mouse gestures, so I dislike it as well. Clunky implementation of tabs in both of ’em. Chrome does emulate Opera’s SpeedDial better than the best Firefox extension, but neither of them offer the kind of customizing of that (and other built-in features in Opera) that Opera users can easily do.

    So, for those who like ’em, either Firefox or Chrome are good enough, I suppose, but as to why Chrome has had such a surge in popularity? Suck ups in computer-related media, for the most part, hawking Chrome for Google. Google, still the most-used search site, endlessly pushing Chrome Crack. Lemmings who’ll follow any fad (or is that iPhad?).

  • http://justenrobertson.com Justen

    Firefox for development, Chrome for browsing. Chrome is just faster, cleaner, and better designed (not to knock Firefox, the Mozilla guys do some great work too). I’ve verified the “faster” claim over and over again in my own tests and in comparing performance on different high-power web apps, and it’s significant – I’ve seen up to 2-3x faster javascript & 2d graphic performance in Chrome with certain tasks. Perhaps more importantly, I *love* the interface. They lifted the best parts of Opera & Safari, which already excel in the UI/UX realm, and iterated on them.

    Really as long as you’re using something besides IE you’re good in my book. Firefox is a real workhorse for me as a developer and I’d never leave it behind (at least not at this stage, lookout Mozilla).

  • Rabinder

    I had been a long time user of Firefox but it is a bit slow and laggy at times. So I tried Opera 10.5. And I loved it! Its so much faster and Mail is built right in, so i don’t have to install a separate application like Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • http://www.dvpc.org Ron

    I use Chrome for searches and to rapidly open the websites that I’m the developer, webmaster, or assistant go-fer for.

    Chrome is VERY fast, both to load and when opening websites. It’s much faster than Firefox to load (FF is really slow compared to Chrome and even IE8). So when I’m doing Google searches it’s faster to click on the Chrome icon in the Win7 tray, enter my search string, and get a result than to open a new tab in FF or IE8 and do the same. I like the way I can use the address bar in Chrome to enter both URLs and search strings.

    Now, what I don’t like about Chrome.

    Click the X in the upper right corner and it shuts down instantly, no “Are you sure?” if you have a bunch of tabs open.

    Chrome’s options for printing aren’t as good as IE8 (it’s the best) or FF.

    No RoboForm toolbar. I depend on RoboForm for access to a large number of sites including client sites and server admin access. It’s a dealbuster not having the RoboForm toolbar available in Chrome. There’s a RoboForm sort-of link thingie that isn’t easy to use, so forget that.

    No built-in Google Toolbar??? What’s that all about?!

    That’s about it. It’s great for the things I use it for, very fast, and very irritating for the things it doesn’t do well or at all..

  • Kim

    I like it because it saves all the websites you have open.

  • sean

    that’s a simple question to answer…it’s fasssst

  • Dan G.

    Chrome to me is a vast improvement over FireFox (which I used previously) because it’s blazing fast by comparison. That right there was enough to cause me to jump ship. I only waited until the Mac version gained a few crucial features.

    I used to have to close and reopen FireFox every couple of days (my machine is up 24/7) which took bloody ages, because it ate so much RAM. Chrome doesn’t leak RAM like a sieve, so that’s no longer necessary.

  • Ron

    Firefox got slow and crash prone with me and I had very few extensions at the time. I went to Chrome and it’s fast and never crashes. Just works better. The extensions I need are now in Chrome.

  • Ashleigh Scott (dalik17)

    I use Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

    I use Chrome on my home laptop, safari on my iPod touch, and firefox(portable) when I’m at someone elses house using their pc. ( sometimes use chrome portable aswell.

    Chrome for speed, safari for power-browsing, and firefox for features.

  • http://www.richardcunningham.co.uk Richard Cunningham

    To me the killer feature is the speed of Chrome.

    I often switch back, when developing, to Firefox for firebug, since that isn’t good enough in Chrome.

  • Zack

    I love chrome however I often find myself switching back to Firefox simply because it has better support for webpages and Plugins. Just today I was in chrome and the site didn’t load so I had to switch over to firefox. or sometimes It will say “incompatible browser” so I switch to firefox and everything works fine…

  • Jellybean

    I used to use firefox because it had better features than I.E. Chrome suits me well it gets done the things i need to do faster and with fewer clicks. It’s all about efficiency…rather than, ‘dumbing down’ everything. Firefox, in comparison is painfully slow.

    The layout is clean, convenient and well designed.

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