AMD To Unveil 6 Core In April – Who Cares?

I just read an article about AMD coming out with a 6 core processor sometime in April. My first thought was, who cares? I surely don’t because the same processor game has been going on forever. Both AMD and Intel still don’t get it. They believe that by using the nickle and dime theory, we consumers with not notice the minimal advancements in technology. Fortunately many consumers are computer savy and no longer fall for these so called advances.

Here are my thoughts on this matter. I remember back when I had a 25mhz processor machine and changed over to 100mhz by upgrading the mobo and cpu. One would of thought that 100mhz would be 4 times faster but that was not the case. The speed increase was negligible  and maybe, just maybe, I saw a 25% speed increase. These same performance improvements were dolled out to us in small increments, even though we all knew that both AMD and Intel could of came out with processor speeds of 500mhz or more, they doled out speed increases in small chucks that barely improved performance.

Next came the cpu speed wars after we hit 1ghz. Every six weeks or so either AMD or Intel came out with a 1.1ghz and slowly creeped up month after month. Not to be satisfied with these alleged speed increases, both AMD and Intel decided to disguise the performance of the cpu. AMD used a 3000+ figure to say that their processor, even though it was only 1.9ghz was equal to an Intel 3ghz unit. Intel started using a cryptic system of numbers and letters that required a user to search for the actual true speed of the cpu.

No we are in the core stage of development. 2,4, 6 core and up we go. It is the same game with we consumers once again being duped into thinking that a 6 core cpu is somehow going to make our machine become a speed demon. It is not going to happen folks. This is just my two cents.

What do you think? Is this all smoke and mirros to grab our money by AMD and Intel, or is it real progress?

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PS.  The speeds I have cited are estimates only and are purely my opinion. So please, no comments about the numbers. :-)

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  • the oracle

    As someone who does a lot of multitasking, I welcome the AMD Thuban 6-cores. I only wonder if I will be getting rid of my Gigabyte AMD 770 chipset motherboard for one of the 890 chipset motherboards – that will depend on if there are things in that chipset that will only be usable with the Thuban-890 chipset combo.

    If you take the time to tweak applications, and set them to use specific cores each time they are invoked, the full power can be used, and the two extra cores are helpful.

    Still, I must say I salivate every time I hear about the IBM Power chips. To me, they represent the kind of progress that Intel is not giving, and AMD is currently incapable of.

    Intel and AMD both seem to have problems with clock speed, yet a now generation ago Power 6 chip debuted at 4.1 Ghz, and the Power 7 chips are above that, with 8 cores and 4 threads of execution per core. These are server chips, but Intel with the latest Tukwila (Itanium) doesn’t have that kind of performance.

    That tells me that Steve Jobs, at least for the server version of OS X, jumped ship to Intel way too early on.

    In closing, I doubt we will never really be happy again,as we have seen how easily things are made faster, and it won’t be stopping, according to the people at Intel who still use Moore’s law as a guide, for several more years. Perhaps by then they will have picked apart how IBM does it, and we’ll be off on another run of performance.

  • justin g

    Say that to someone who has gotten the smp client of fold@home working or uses handbrake and mediacoder. These applications show rediculous improvements on multi-core systems it’s an easily proven fact.