Now It Is The iTablet That Takes Center Stage

Just when we thought we were done with tablet computers, up pops one called the iTablet. Made by a company in the U.K. called X2 Computing, the iTablet will also launch in April just like the Apple iPad. The one difference is that the X2Computing iTablet will have USB ports, Oh wait. There is more. How about a web cam, bluetooth, plus 3G and wi-fi.

A recent article also stated that:

The iTablet range is due to be available in a range of solid and metallic colours including white, grey, pink, blue, red, yellow and black. We’re waiting to hear about pricing and will update this post when we do.

That is the bottom line. How much will it cost?

Also the iTablet will use both Windows and Linux operating systems. If you look close at the iTablet pictured above you will notice an old familiar friend. That’s right, Windows XP.

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  • sir_hancelot

    I think it’s already been made clear that this form factor doesn’t succeed… Windows is just *not* made for touch screens.

  • Lewis Fulkerson

    Sounds like I’d prefer the iTablet over the iPad. I need the USB and the wireless, and definitely prefer Linux (Ubuntu – 9.04) over either Windows or Mac. If the price is right, I’ll probably get one, since I can carry it with me and use it flat on my lap without having to have some screen sticking up in my face. That’s my big objection to laptops – the two tier stance they take. As long as there’s a keyboard available on the screen, I’m happy.

  • jackies35

    Wow! Everyone wanna be an iTHIS or an ITHAT! hahahaha

    I will wait for the leader, ipad and stick with it since I trust it so much (and all their other products)….

    WHY i?? Stop following Apple… just call yourself the tablet! duh?!?!??! hahahahaha

  • 1LL0G1C4L

    looks nice but will it blend?


  • Justen

    I kinda thought Apple owned the “iObject” line. Anyway, @sir_hancelot: the tablet is a niche product. Like gaming keypads, trackballs, and a variety of other novel interface devices it appeals to a narrow group of very dedicated users. It’s been quite successful in its niche and will likely continue to be for a long time. Why people keep trying to make it a mass market product I don’t know, maybe someday it will be, when that killer app comes along.

  • PayTyler

    How will this compare to the iPad and the Microsoft Courier? I like the idea of running any OS I want. The iPad looked horrible due to it’s iPhone OS limits.

  • Paul_Bennett

    I wonder why they didn’t go with windows 7 with this one will there be a windows 7 upgrade coming for those that will want to do so?