Want Local Stations In HD From DISH Network? You Need Two Satellite Dishes

About six weeks ago I got a notice from DISH Network, my current satellite company, informing me that my local channels were available in HD. On my Dish receiver, I have connected a external antenna and have been receiving over the air channels which come in perfectly. I am fortunate to live within 10 miles of our local stations and my signal strength for all HD channels is 90% +. Most stations come in at a signal strength of 100%, and are crystal clear.

But if Dish was going to offer the locals in HD, and was going to do this for free, I figured why not? So I setup an appointment to have what I thought was my satellite dish to be replaced. When the tech. arrived he informed me that I would need a second dish satellite on my roof to get the locals in HD. No thank you Mr. Tech-man, I’ll stick with my antenna. Even the tech-agreed that was the way to go.

I thought I would pass this on in case you were considering adding local HD channels to your system, and you are a DISH Network client.

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  1. Gary Bing says:

    I had an HD compatible dish installed dish as an early customer with DirecTV. It is still sitting on my old building. I’ve since fired them because of predatory practices. Unsolicited phone calls buy them are rampant resulting in the one company that has the most fines now and ever in U.S. History from the FCC. Friends of mine and myself are still getting phone calls from them. There rates are ass now for the “quality” you get. They are forever bugging me to sign back on. A friend of mine cancelled them the same day when she found out she was lied to about a certain sports channel that was included but found out later it wasn’t. She is hounded by collections even though her Citibank card agrees with her and refuses to pay. She didn’t believe me when I told her they won’t remove the dish off the roof. It’s still there nearly a year later. I live in Long Beach Ca. I’m listed. My e-mail is my name. I will arrange for you to get that dish for free that I believe I paid $150 for that had dual LNBs. It cost me over $300 to install. I bought special Sony boxes that have the Tivo like feature, Internet and PIP. I have two of them I won’t even disclose what I paid for them not even wanting to think about it. You can have it all. (an unsolicited call results in a $11,000 fine but I believe you won’t see a penny of it., FYI.)

  2. D Gibson says:

    I live in the NW side of Marion County, FLorida – I would prefer to have Gainesville news rather than Tampa, Daytona, or Orlando. For some reason, my designated “local” channels are 60-90 miles away — I don’t understand…………. And I don’t like it. If cable came to my neighborhood I would be the first to sign up. Dish is not user friendly

  3. Ron Schenone says:

    Hello D. Gibson,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If we having long distance between local station and our homes,then i thought that we can’t get 90% result as you got..
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