Do People Really Buy Big Screen HDTVs Just For Super Bowl Sunday?

Every year just before Super Bowl Sunday, we hear about buying advice on how to buy that perfect TV for the big game. This Super Bowl Sunday event is no different than past Super Bowl events, in that there is plenty of advice on how to buy the ‘perfect’ HDTV for the big event. Here is one article that offers six tips for buying an HDTV.

Don’t pay the price on the tag

Negotiate the price. After the holidays is a great time to get a good price on an HDTV. So do your home work and see if you can buy the HDTV at a lower price. Make sure you check prices online as well.

Buy for your room

How big of a HDTV do you need for the room size you will be watching the TV in? Follow this guide.

Brick and mortar stores have great return policies

This piece of advice I have heard before. Most retailers have a liberal policy when it comes to returning an HDTV. I personally believe that honesty is the best policy and one should not purchase an HDTV with the intent of taking it back after the game.

Plan ahead if you want to wall mount the TV

If you want your HDTV hung on the wall, order the set early. If you can’t get it hung before the big game, find a place to set up the set temporarily. Instead of paying a retailer a fee to hang the wall mount, consider getting a friend to help you.

Get your HDMI from your cable company or online

Or get the HDMI cables from Walmart. They have HDMI cables at a reasonable price.

All you need is an antenna to watch the Super Bowl in HD

This depends on how close you are to the transmission. I use an antenna for my local channels and it works great. I bought a simple indoor antenna at Walmart, which cost me $30. It connects directly to my Dish box and the stations appear in the menu guide. I get 5 over the air channels in HD.

But now a question for you? Do people buy HDTVs just for the Super Bowl game?

Share your thoughts.


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  • Dick

    Super Bowl? What’s up with that? Folks still watch that stuff?
    I cut off the TV 5 years ago and certainly wouldn’t turn it on for a football (or any other) game.

  • the oracle

    As someone who sold them, along with high end audio, I can say they do – and many also are “rented” for the occasion, being returned just within the limit for returns – where I worked, the 29th day.

    The holiday “rentals” of certain things was one of the reasons that many places keep commission checks well behind the date of the time they were earned. (Commission earned on a sale in the last week of January would show up on a check in mid-March, if the item had not been returned in the 4th week of February)

  • Ron Schenone

    Heh Marc,
    (Commission earned on a sale in the last week of January would show up on a check in mid-March, if the item had not been returned in the 4th week of February)

    I’ve heard this before. Thanks for stopping by.

  • D

    Noticed a couple of things which will save you around $100. The first – NEVER buy AV/HDMI cables from Wal-Mart or any other brick/mortar vendors. I can pick up at many online vendors any type of cables for less than $10…$5 if I keep my eyes open. I usually get great prices from the same online company I buy my IPod accessories from.

    Usually the cables you will find in the stores will start at $20 & go up from there. Have found that HDMI cables are like credit cards…the markups are outrageous & almost criminal.

    As for spending money on an antenna…build your own from metal coat hangers (dollar store for a dozen…the 300-75 ohm converter…scrap 1X3 wood & screws there as well) for less than $10. Here are the plans: . Look on your favorite search engine for PDF plans or print off the page. Use mine to watch/record ATSC TV for several months now.

    Along with the ripping off of consumers on accessories…everyone forgets to mention…even with the nicest HDTV…not every signal is in HD. Where I live in Southern Idaho…only TWO of the TWELVE signals (ABC/1 PBS) I get OTA signals in broadcast in HD. The rest are in SD with AC3 audio. If your broadcaster doesn’t send the signal out as HDTV all the time…chances are you will only be watching the “big game” in SD with great audio. Digital does not mean HD.

  • D

    Forgot to mention…if you’re on cable…even digital cable…the game will be usually be sent down the cable in analog. The reason…cable companies have not upgraded the tier their local broadcast channels are on. Don’t hold your breath on this being upgraded any time in the future either…since the FCC has not mandated they carry HD signals on the lowest tier…it’s not going to happen. The reasoning is that if some subscriber only wants the local broadcast channels…the cable companies are not going to send them out as HD.

    You want HDTV…you need to get satellite or OTA.

  • Gary Bing

    The average household does not need a set more than 32″. As you pointed out a HD 1080P can be had for less than $400. Yes people do buy the biggest and most feature ladden TVs and march right back to the store to return them 29 days after they bought it. I had one guy pay me cash of $8000 and demanded all of it back in greenbacks imediately. To make a long story short, I had a cop inform him the store is under no obligation nor law to return anything even if defective, they could just refer you to the manufacture’s warrenty and you could pay shipping and insurance both ways. The store does it as a courtesy and you being discourteous, I can cite you for disturbing the peace at least. I made sure his check took forever to be sent. (don’t even want to go there, I could have all his utilities shut off in one day.) For years afterward on Super Bowl Sunday week before, if a ‘customer” wanted a big screen for the “game” I wouldn’t play his and feign having to take a break ( they’d say take it later, I’d say, fine I won’t let you go to the restroom either in the middle of the transaction.) I would walk away and go on my lunch break. We did not have scheduled lunch breaks and returns not only were a waste of time we lost income times two. The sale itself, and the subsequent ding on our return percentage affecting comisions on prior sales. How do you like them apples? The company basicly was going to cut their loses of marking down the item as used and paying for delivery twice at my expense. Neat ,huh.? At the end of February every year I see people lined up returnig their big screens at Costco. Now you know why I left the industry right at the time a big hit of a movie famously showed it’s stern in the air. I worked for The Good Guys and left them then finding it was no longer profitable for me or them, they and Circuit City had to throw in the towel. You can get excellent services and much better prices online than at Best Buy. But be prepared to pay shipping and insurace if you decide to return it as a free” rental”. The shipping costs are born by the online retailer, any claims of damage are made through the shipping company. You will have to be ready to unpack it and set it up and test it in a timely manner. Although the brick and mortors are insured and so am I, some of my things can’not be replaced and the store delivery guys are notoriously inept, the major shipping carriers aren’t.

  • Gary Bing

    P. S. You can actually find enhanced warranties on line, cheaper and with more coverage than at the store. If you use a certain credit card it will extend whatever came with the unit another year.( you need to be aware of this as I have a “Platinum” and when I looked at the term there were no “platinum benefits’ in fact at all. I called and my bank said our card is just called “platinum” it has no extra benefits. I asked then why didn’t you just send me a regular card then? “Because you qualified for “Platinum.” Good thing I confirmed as I could have been in the same boat as Rickey Schroeder when he found his card was gold that just glittered after trying to make a claim on a rental car mishap. Now you have to watch out for “Black” level cards now. Sheesh.)

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