Apple Unleashes The iPad – ‘Magical & Revolutionary Device at an Unbelievable Price’

Apple today released details on its new tablet computer, which it calls the iPad. The company calls the new device a ‘Magical and Revolutionary Device at an Unbelievable Price.’ The basics of the tablet are similar to when you go down to buy a car. There is the stripped down model to lure the unsuspecting buyer to the car lot and also the deluxe model, which naturally costs a lot more.

So what does it look like?

Pictured is an iPhone, Kindle, and the new iPad

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The Apple site states the cost of the new device as:

Pricing & Availability
iPad will be available in late March worldwide for a suggested retail price of $499 (US) for the 16GB model, $599 (US) for the 32GB model, $699 (US) for the 64GB model. The Wi-Fi + 3G models of iPad will be available in April in the US and selected countries for a suggested retail price of $629 (US) for the 16GB model, $729 (US) for the 32GB model and $829 (US) for the 64GB model. iPad will be sold in the US through the Apple Store® (, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. International pricing and worldwide availability will be announced at a later date. iBookstore will be available in the US at launch.

What is going to be interesting is to see how well the new iPad is received by consumers. Some are speculating that the new device may flop because of its cost. Also, this is not the first time that Apple has tried a tablet computer.

With that being said, if any company can pull it off, it will be Apple.

I personally will stick with my laptop. What about you? Can you see a new iPad parked on your desktop? Let us know.

Comments welcome.

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  • Max Swisher

    I couldn’t see one parked on my desk, but I would see one on my lap in a plane or in a car… I wonder what kind of heating issues this product faces (you know apple)

  • Jayman

    I so want an e-reader but Kindle’s pricing has put me off. I would buy an iPad in an instant if I had the cash. Apple rocks!!

  • Adorina Reyes

    I’d buy one if I had the resources…if only to be able to read, write, surf and draw. I love the design interface of a tablet.

  • Nate Ogren

    To whom it may concern…
    The Apple iPad is the future and if you can’t see why then just sit back and watch as it changes the way we compute.

  • Pedro Remedios

    I’ll be sticking with my macbook pro for now. I will probably be saving up for it when everything for it is available in Europe. I’ll probably buy this instead of the kindle because it does more than just read e-books.

  • Tracy

    I think it would take off if they had decided to use removable media (SD cards, perhaps). I feel the very same about the ipods. I know ipods have been successful- but I think they would have been even more so with removable media.

    Let the end-user decide how they want to organize their reading with regards to storage.



  • Cliffystones

    Two $64 questions come to mind.

    1. Why not just put wi-fi in the thing to begin with?

    2. Why does it cost $130 more to add wi-fi, when this feature has been a standard in laptops for several years?

    There must be something really special about Apple’s particular flavor of wi-fi. Oh! wait!! yes!! it has a cute little Apple logo thingy on it!

    Where’s my Visa card? I can’t wait, gotta have it now!!

  • Mike

    NO! I boycott iAnything untill they start making stuff I would use that is not inflated in price 10-100 times its worth

    I will stick with my Sandisk MP3 Players 16G for 32$ ETC…

  • Cliffystones


    My Sandisk player is excellent! I just have to chuckle at the fools (family included) that drop their hard-earned money to have the “chic” IPods.

    But that’s one of the reasons I’m able to buy “toys” when I want without having to have my credit card bills “restructured”. So few people these days place any value on themselves and the fruits of their labor, they simply throw good money after bad.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for all of the comments everyone. I believe this could be the future as well. But time will tell what happens. I think we will need to wait and see what Google offers with their OS and if it will be comparable or not.

    Wi-Fi is included, 3G is extra:
    ‘With built-in 802.11n, iPad takes advantage of the fastest Wi-Fi networks. It automatically locates available Wi-Fi networks’

  • Kevin

    It looks great, but I’m going to wait and see. With my laptop and iPhone I’m mobile enough. The laptop reads books to me, plays video, does e-mail. So this device class seems redunant to me, and I’d rather have the cash in my pocket not apples pocket. I use apples equipment, and have a Win7 quad PC, iPhone 3gs and another iPod, that’s enough stuff for me Thank You.

  • Dick Hudson

    AT&T exemplifies the very worst of what’s wrong with this country. Ma Bell was dismantled by the federal government because of its myriad antitrust violations and it put itself back together again as AT&T, and did it sneeringly right under the government’s nose.

  • Ryan Farmer

    “iPad, for when it’s that time of the iMonth, only by Crapple.”

  • Cliffystones

    “The Wi-Fi + 3G models of iPad will be available in April in the US and selected countries ………..”


    The way it’s worded, it sounds like prior to that, no wi-fi or 3g. But thanks for clearing that up.

    But I’ve also read that there’s no usb port on these things. You have to buy some extra adapter. Kinda sounds like the late 1990’s all over again :)

  • Ron Schenone

    I hear you.
    With any new product I think a wait and see approach is best.
    I read about the add on’s. It is the 90’s again.

  • NQ Logic

    With the launch of the iPad tablet, Apple has managed to become the ultimate digital go-between company for high quality and high price content in a small yet very affluent segment of the population … NQ Logic encourages you to check out why Apple’s iPad is the final digital puzzle for their ultimate connected consumer strategy at

  • george mitchell

    well it comes standard with wifi with any model, what the extra $119 is for 3g att service which is optional (if i had one id just teather it to my iphone with blue tooth, that being said id avoid the $119 charge and would not have to pay for the service for both products. also i find that i would do this mostly for getting cheeper text books which it could potentially save me money in the long run.

    also i think on a side note i think that later on i could see them comming out with a newer model as they do with the laptop line, have several categories like one with a better cpu and so on but for now its just testing the waters i think

    and i think the idea with no usb port was to not need anything else wired ie use bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but yeah 1 usb woulda been nice

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