Ford Motor Co. Has Plans To Take The Word ‘Glorified’ To New Heights!

There is one honest thing that was said in a recent article about Ford’s new lineup.

This statement made by a Ford Rep:

“In the past, because of our uncompetitiveness in quality and fuel economy, we’ve been unfortunately discounted.”

So Ford has a new game plan for its new, smaller cars. Take the Ford Fiesta being released in 2010. With a base price of $13,995, which includes shipping; Ford does not want you to buy this car. It wants you to buy the fully loaded Ford Fiesta, which will sell for $23,000. Why? There is no profit in the bait and switch model.

So what are Ford and GM doing to get back into the auto market?

At the Detroit auto show, General Motors and Ford revealed their comeback strategy for small cars: Adorn them with features seldom seen in domestic econoboxes, such as roomy interiors, computer gadgets, turbocharged engines and sporty sheet metal.

Interesting. This takes the word ‘glorified’ to new heights. Take a smallish car like the Fiesta and load it with toys and pray that the consumers will be blinded by glitz! LOL

Would you pay $23,000 for a ‘glorified’ Ford Fiesta? I wouldn’t and won’t be.

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  • Dick

    This is the same old Marketing trick that’s been used forever. I wonder if a company can make money by building a good product and selling it at a decent price? Not selling it for whatever the “Market” will bear, but for a price that will allow a good profit and growth for the company. Naive? I suppose so.
    But if you want everybody to drive a Ford, you had better give some incentive for buyers. And $23k for a Fiesta isn’t the answer. A stripped down Fiesta for $12k+ isn’t the answer either. How about a really nice $15,500 model with enough stuff to satisfy the majority of buyers?
    If you are trying to overcome a bad image, maybe you ought to “give” a little instead of trying to sell a bad deal to the rubes.
    “Hurry, hurry hurry, buy our fully loaded Fiesta, it cures chills, ills, and makes childbirth a pleasure!”

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Dick,
    My feelings exactly. Give the public a reliable mode of transportation, at a fair price, with options that are needed and they will sell like Model A’s.

    The KIA Rio comes to mind which seems comparable to the Fiesta and offers a lot of bang for your buck. Plus KIA believes in their cars, as does Hyundai, and gives the consumer a 10 year, 100,000 warranty.

  • Joe Larson

    I’ve never owned a new car in my life. Heretofore I’ve never had the cash flow for it. But one thing I do know is no one is getting rich of making automobiles. Lucrative hardly describes the industry. So cut them a bit of slack, it’s amazing that anyone’s even making cars in the first place.

    Also, you’re going to get what you pay for. You want a machine that can out power 100 horses and last you a lifetime with regular maintenance that will toast your bread on the way to work and shave you on the way back all while playing brigadoon through a Dolby 7 system? Then don’t complain when they ask a kings ransom for the thing because you’re not going to buy a second any time soon. On the other hand if you want something cheap then don’t be surprised when you get a disposable piece of garbage that you’ll be replacing in a year and that doesn’t even have a functional cigarette lighter.

    Re: the dirty underhanded tricks the sales folks use, go watch Glengarry Glen Ross. Selling isn’t easy. I do not envy the folks who do it.

  • Tommy

    F is selling hype. This stock and Ford itself will dissapoit a lot of investors down the road. I am an ex Ford, L-M dealer who is now retired and I can tell you F will be stalled out. The products have been on their design tables for a few years. They don’t have anything that will hurt GM and possibly Chrysler. Car sales for Jan are projected at 500,000+. It does not get to much worse than that.Don’t be fooled by Mullay’s BS, because that is all it is.

  • Scott Monty

    It sounds like you guys are trashing the strategy and the vehicle without giving it a fair shake. I suggest you take a look at it in person at a regional auto show some time over the next few months to check it out and then make a determination.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company

  • Tommy

    Scott, it’s not trashing thge company. It’s about Ford running up the market price from below $9 to the current levels. Ther was never a basis for it except for the hype that was being sold to CNBC and Cramer. What happens to the investors when the stock collapses. Are you aware it has a 12 month price target of $9 a share? Mullaly should buy about 100000
    shares or so at 11.50 to 12.00 per share and get a taste of losing his own money in the real world. Do you really think you are going to take market share from thr Japanese and other imports, I don’t think so. Never have and never will. The perception is impenitrable.

  • Larry V

    Right on Scott. I just went to the Detroit Auto Show and Ford’s stand was crowded beyond belief. Oh and for the foreign car lovers out there, I hope your gas pedal isn’t sticking or stuck under the floor mat. What a bunch of B.S. while people are being killed in supposed quality vehicles made by TOYOTA, they come up with such lame excuses for death traps.

  • Loria Page

    I HAVE A FORD and have been very proud of Ford over 20yrs. BUT KNOW I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND.