Most People Do Not Want To Pay For Online News – They Want It Free

I just read an article in which 2,000 average citizens like you and me who surf the web were asked the following question.

“How much, if anything, would you be willing to pay per month in order to read a daily newspaper’s content online?”

Surprise! The vast majority do not want to pay anything. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Here are the survey results:

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In addition there is also this:

Will it convince the old guard that paywalls are a dumb idea? Almost certainly not, of course. Those in charge of newsprint’s oldest purse strings will argue that their position on paywalls is the right one, and that the public just needs to like it or lump it. They’ll probably even throw in the tired old line that this is the only route to go if the tradition of the free (how ironic) press is to be continued into the future. But it seems those advocating this tactic will have a lot of work to do: Convincing nearly 80% of its audience that they’re wrong won’t be easy.

I wasn’t one of the survey participants, but I must say that I agree with the results. I personally believe that most newspapers are going to be hard pressed to setup a pay wall and charge for their news.

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