Apple Has A Tablet, Now Google May Have One As Well – Are You Excited Yet?

With all of the rumors flying around about tablet computers from Apple and now Google, one does have to wonder. Is there a need for tablet computers and if so why? The latest rumor from Gizmodo shows the below image of a tablet with a Google webpage:

The Gizmodo article goes on to state that Google has teamed up with HTC for a Google Chromium powered tablet computer. Which if true could offer some competition to Apple’s tablet. But what I see is more of a toy than any thing else. Or is it?

So my question to you my learned readers is this? Is there room for a tablet? Will it replace the laptop or netbook or is it a completely different animal?

One last question, would you buy one?

Comments welcome.


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  • Buffet

    I’d be a Beta tester.

  • amy


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  • Buffet

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  • kieran

    I think a tablet pc is a good idea its grait idea for example in kitchen and probly fun as well but wouldn’t use it as business pc

  • Michael Palecek

    I used to think a tablet PC was a great idea until I bought one four years ago. My Fujitsu is almost completely useless. The idea sounds great but in reality it really does not work well at all. The only reason people put up with a clunky touchscreen interface of cell phones is because they can carry the phones in pockets.