Ubuntu Linux Made To Look Like Windows XP – One Question – Why?

I most likely already know the answer to my own question as to why anyone would want Ubuntu Linux to look like Windows XP. The ‘why’ is because they could do it. So it is with the recently released version of Ylmf OS by the Chinese. The release does in fact look just like Windows XP.

Here is a screen shot from their web site.:

I always felt that the beauty of using any Linux distribution was to get away from Windows. To have a new user experience and not one of an older operating system.

But that is just me.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.


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  • http://www.thelockerblog.com Oliver (lockerhaxor)

    Personally I like this idea. I get the open source freedom of Linux, while staying in an environment familiar to me. But it’s not just me, say I load this on a family computer because Windows crashes. I’m a tech savvy person, and can navigate Ubuntu with ease. My parents? Not so much. But when skinned to look like XP, they’ll have an easier time figuring things out.

    So I think the goal behind this was to make a very user friendly experience by ripping off Window’s UI.

  • http://griffs-scrapyard.com Griff

    Ugh. I hated XP’s look. It always felt like something Hasbro would make with the big colorful buttons. Why would someone make the effort to go back to that theme, on an OS that has nothing to do with Windows??

  • http://supergirlx.com Seth

    I re-purpose old Windows machines for a nursing home, using Ubuntu. Some people complain that it doesn’t look like XP. I’m not gonna use this, but the thought of using a GUI theme that looks like XP has occurred to me in the past.

  • http://Cpaleytech.com CPAleyTech

    My school has something like that. It must be because Linux is free and Windows is anything but free

  • http://ymesei.com/blog wymesei

    I think the best way to illustrate the whole ‘Because you can!!’ argument is to ask yourself the question, ‘Can you make your lame Windows XP install look like Ubuntu?’

    I think NOT!

  • Erica Julien

    I think linux is beautiful for being unique. I love opening my laptop and having someone ask me what “type of computer” I’m on or what I’m using. And seeing another person using linux is a great conversation starter.

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/internetnut/ InternetNut

    Millions of users around the world are comfortable with the Windows XP interface. They instantly feel at ease when they see the big blue bar pop up at the bottom of the screen. I think this is one of the reasons they have done this – to allow more users to come to them because they feel that some technophobes would be happier using something they think they already understand.

    I do agree with you, Ron. And I’m sure many other technology bloggers out there would too. A now user interface is a breath of fresh air (along with its reliability). The only question now, is, will Microsoft make a big deal out of it?

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thought. I can see where having XP as the GUI could help some people. I also have to agree that XP is kind of cartoon like. Maybe Vista or 7 would of been a better choice but I am sure MS would not tolerate this.

    I personally find versions of Linux like Ubuntu or PCLinux OS refreshing.

    Have a great New Year!

  • Robert

    Hmmmm, I just may check this out.

  • Don Naphen

    Never used anything but Windows Ron, so my comment is regarding the “look” of XP. Yes, the comic book default setting is really ugly, so I always set mine up for the “classic look” and never had any problems with its appearance. Geez, people seem to get so uptight about appearances! My main concern with any OS I’ve ever used is its functionality!

    I’ve always marveled at the non-stop bashing of Microsoft. Sure, it’s had it’s share of doggy OS’s, but let’s just look back to what computing was like before the GUI … does anyone really think the personal pc would be in just about every home if one had to do the old “C://” command to navigate! Yes, Apple had it, but who could afford the big bucks then (and now for some)? MS put the personal pc and the internet in everyones home, office and for those on the go. And yes, they sure stepped on a lot of toes getting to where they are, but they do know how to make money!

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Hi Don,
    If I had to use DOS commands again I’d throw the PC out the window. Even Linux requires command lines to accomplish certain tasks.

    Have a great New Year.

    PS Looks like the PATS made the playoffs once again.

  • Bobzilla

    The Screenshots look like XP, however when a user clicks on some familiar icon and some totally different action takes place, what’s the user going do? Freak out most likely.

    This just shows the power of open source and Linux. It’s not going to change Linux to Windows. And, anyone who thinks it will has never run Linux!

  • Dave

    I would go for this provided there was some way of doing what I have done to all my machines, that is to set them up for “best performance” and the “classic” look to gain some speed. A familiar desktop environment would be good I feel, rather than have to spend time relearning everything. Can’t help the ubiquitousness of Windows, don’ cha know!

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone


    ‘It’s not going to change Linux to Windows. And, anyone who thinks it will has never run Linux!’

    Exactly. Linux is completely different from Windows.

    Regards, Ron

  • Don Naphen

    Well Ron, yes the Pats took the AFC East and WILL be in the playoffs after missing out last year. I think they got a wake up call from Bob Kraft (the owner) and he explained how this “might” affect next years salary negotiations! LOL

    Reflecting back on XP Pro: it was one of the finest OS’s I ever used next to Win2K which was a marvelous home version of NT. I swore I wouldn’t upgrade from VISTA, but after the encouraging reviews I read I opted for the Home Premium version. A simply marvelous OS that absolutely exceeded my expectations for speed, bootup/shutdown and being less resource hungry. Probably one of the best offerings that Billy has produced in many moons.

    Hope you and your family had a great Xmas … I DID !! Looking forward to a nice New Years Eve at the local Amvets Post. Quiet, roast beef dinner, a rockabilly band and a regular crowd. I’ve stayed away from public establishments for years. Too many alcohol-related problems. Take care my friend.

  • Polopolo

    Ever heard of LinuXP?

    This isn’t new I guess.

  • Bipin Kumar

    Being an open source OS everyone has right to customize linux, down to its GUI, which is fine as long as it doesn’t run into any kind of copyright violation etc. i personally like the UI of linux as well as win XP. windows runs on most of the system so everyone is familiar with its UI and majority expects similar interface from other os as well(for instance most people call a wordprocessor as MS word and expects it find it under same name in linux as well). its my opinion that both are equally user friendly as far as an utter novice is concerned