Murdoch Attacks Google, Now The Entertainment Industry Attacks Redbox

As we close out 2009, I think we will have to label this year as the year of the crybabies. It seems that a day doesn’t go by when some large business entity isn’t crying in their beer about the changes that are happening and how they can’t compete. The banks were about the only ones who couldn’t blame anyone else for their own greedy ways, though I am sure some of the banking crooks tried hard to point the finger elsewhere. The U.S. car companies woke up one morning in shock to find they were bleeding money and that the consumers weren’t buying their vehicles. Next came Murdoch with his criticism of Google stealing HIS news. But today’s article on how the entertainment industry is going to go belly up because of Redbox and their cheap rentals has to be one of the top picks of the year.

According to one article:

Redbox’s kiosks also will send shock waves throughout the industry and could lead to the loss of 9,280 jobs, $35.4 million in contributions to health and welfare funds being cut, and a reduction of $30 million in tax revenue.

Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture? Isn’t this a scare tactic to attack Redbox? Has it become fashionable to attack another company when your own incompetence actually is to blame? Why didn’t the movie industry adjust when Redbox first hit the street? What part of the Internet didn’t the publishing industry understand? What didn’t GM and Chrysler understand when Toyota took over as the #1 car company?

I have an idea. Maybe California can ban Redbox kiosks! LOL

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  • PhoobarID

    Funny you mention the auto industry & them “waking” up to the suckitude of their products. They should have been there…done that almost 40 years ago…but didn’t. When the 73 oil embargo hit…they didn’t wake up…just kept doing what they kept doing. That is the reason you have a small Japanese company called Honda being able to become the company they are.

    Even though I don’t use Redbox…due to the stories I’ve read on the web about their customer service/billing practices…I know many people who do use them. Again…an American business model crying because they can’t compete with something which works for everyone but those greedy enough to never have enough.

    Now…as in the past…these American companies will do what they always have done…get the government to do their bidding by throwing whatever money they need to at those in elected office. These are the same people who bawl all day long about capitalism being the way to go…but are the first to use the government to manipulate these markets and make themselves more wealthy.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi PhoobarID,
    Great points. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  • haolemoviegirl

    Redbox doesn’t exist where I live (currently) but if it works, isn’t there a way that the entertainment industry could, you know, make money from it somehow? The entertainment industry I thought perhaps had learned from the music downloading experience to realize that they need to satisfy consumers who expect more immediate and efficient content delivery. Why do they continue to be stupid? The more the industry campaigns to block consumer-friendly delivery systems, the more consumers will embrace them and wholly cut out the entertainment behemoths. How long until the most popular content has no relationship to the industry giants? Can’t be long now.