Online Black Friday Holiday Spending Hits $595 Million In U.S. – What Did You Buy?

This Black Friday topped $595 Million in spending online here in the U.S. I did my part, not only online, but also by hitting some stores on Black Friday. My first trip was over to Lowe’s which were offering Black and Decker storage cabinets for half-price at $44 a piece. I picked up four units to help clean up the mess in the garage and I must say it is less cluttered. My son-in-law gave me hand in setting the units up and we were done rather quickly.

While at Lowe’s they were giving away 7 packs of 60 watt CFL lights. They were allowing customers to use a $10 off coupon which was inside the light packages for an immediate refund which made the lights free. Thanks Lowe’s!

Walmart had a wireless mouse on sale online and I ordered one of those for myself. Over a Newegg I found a sale on Wii games that I picked up online as well as a GPS unit for half-price for the car. I bought a Garmin unit with voice directions for $99 which seemed like a good deal.

Over at Amazon I picked up 3 more Wii games, a microscope set, gift cards and a few other misc. items for X-mas presents. All were on sale, except for the gift cards, and pricing was reduced. You have to love those sales. LOL

So what did you buy this Black Friday? Let us know.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday.


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  • Ryan Farmer

    I got one of those 32″ Emerson HDTVs from Walmart.

    They had 44 in stock and they were all gone about 20 seconds after I got mine. (I was 31st in line)

    Good TV set, good price ($248), well worth the wait to get it.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing this info. I hope you enjoy your new TV this holiday season.
    Regards, Ron

  • Gary Bing

    I got a 2 quad core 4gb ram (expandable to 8gb) Gateway Computer for $430. It has Vista but I can upgrade it to 7. for free. It has 9 USB ports, has a 2 year warranty with tech support. I got it online on Amazon with no tax and no shipping charges Did this in my undershorts. While m,y family members were contemplating braving the early morning crowds, trying to get the items that were sold out before the “sale” even started. I warned them They didn’t listen.Well Its 5:00PM PST Monday and the thing arrived at The UPS facility about nine miles away at 2:20 PM. I’ll have to leave a note on the door to leave it, but I doubt they will being UPS. I refuse to miss my usual Monday happy hour at Belmont Brewery, Long Beach, Ca. over this..