Microsoft Bing – Are You Suffering From Search Overload?

Last week my wife and I were watching the TV when up popped one of those Microsoft Bing commercials. I am sure you have seen the commercial where the teenage daughter asks Dad a question and in a zombie stare he goes off in a tangent babbling out obscure facts. The girl turns to her Mom who also spews out babble and up pops Bing the search alternative and decision maker.

My wife turned to me and asked ‘what was that all about’? Simple my dear. We are all suffering from search overload because we use Google. By using Microsoft Bing as our search client we can regain our search sanity. I am sure that millions of people changed their default search engine to Bing after viewing this commercial. I did, didn’t you?

The recent technology commercials border on the comical side. The Apple vs PC commercials are another example of how far advertising has failed to grab our attention with a real viable message. The latest Apple commercial depicting the PC guy saying that every version of Windows is better than the previous Windows with the ‘trust me’ slogan is just plain dumb, IMHO.

I am not dumping Google nor am I running out to buy A MAC. What about you?

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