Windows 7 – Oh, No! My First Blue Screen Of Death!

Last evening I started up my Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition computer and bang! Up popped the infamous Blue Screen Of Death. You know the screen. The one with the cryptic codes that flash on the screen before you can even read it and the computer reboots. What was odd was that this same box ran Vista without even a whimper. In fact my Vista laptop runs great without even a hiccup.

So when Windows 7 crashed I was kind of taken back. I thought this was the new super-duper operating system that Microsoft finally got right. The new and improved Vista. Kind of a son or daughter of Vista with all of the bugs finally worked out.  Or is it?

I’m still kind of surprised and a little ticked off that this has happened. I need my computers working correctly and can not afford to have them acting up. I have a 8 year old computer running Windows XP that has never crashed. Not even once in 8 years ! Enough said.

It will be interesting to see how well Windows 7 functions once it arrives next week. I am almost tempted to order a Vista laptop but feel kind of stupid since I have been recommending to family, friends and clients to wait for Windows 7.

I am hoping this was just a fluke.

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  • mhz

    Thats too bad. I’m sticking with XP as long as possible. But then again, I drive a pickup with 248k miles on it. So I’m just like that.

    Let the growing pains get worked out. Eventually it will probably be a smooth running OS, but in software, anything new usually has bugs.

  • Buffet

    It’s an omen. Quick, go back to XP A.S.A.P. if you wish to save your immortal soul! (Lest the demons of the BS OS’s possess thee)

  • LySiNe

    Had one the other day resuming windows undocked from docking station after hibernating while plugged into a docking station. Mostly related to ATI’s sucky drivers. Not surprised.

  • Ron Schenone

    mhz and Buffet,
    I hear you! LOL

    I’m using an NVidia card. Worked perfectly with Vista, XP and Home Server.

  • mhz

    Ron, its good that we have you pioneers though. You know what a pioneer is? Its a guy who emerges of the woods with his backside stuck full of arrows and tells you which way NOT to go.

  • Buffet

    Amen to that bro! Even us stubborn mules need guidance. (They’ll still hafta pry my XP from my cold dead hands)

  • Ron Schenone

    Heh mhz,
    I think the arrows hit me below my backside! LOL

    I think I’m going back to DOS.

  • Jeff

    From a repair stand point I have yet to see Win7 BSOD. I would imagine you know the reasons it could have, but I stand by the idea that you may have a bad driver/hardware piece.

    I thought that XP was awesome too, until I saw how much better 7 runs, and that games work better with DX10 and yadda yadda. I understand people’s fear of change, but honestly, its like saying you want to churn your own butter because it might have been made wrong at a factory…

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Jeff,
    I agree as well. W7 is a delight to use. I also thought about a bad driver. But after doing some homework, I believe it is hibernation mode that could be the culprit.

    When is W7 SP1 going to be available? LOL

  • mhz

    Actually its more like,

    “I”ve had good butter for years now. I’ve been sharing it with my neighbors, and making recipes with it that win prizes at the county fair.

    Should I start buying that new kind of butter off the shelf, which may or may not be good in all my existing recipes, may not be liked by my neighbors, and might even cause me to fail in the competition?”

    Yeah, I might try a taste of it at some point after enough people tell me its good. But I won’t be putting it in all my recipes as long as I can still win the prize with the existing brand.

  • Ron Schenone

    Heh Jeff,
    I took your advice and checked for new drivers. Sure enough one is available for my NVidia video card. I’ll install it and let everyone know the results.


  • leftystrat

    If you need the systems to stay up, you may have better luck running Windows as a VM under a stable OS. XP never behaved better for me then after I put it in a VM.

    It’s not just me… we virtualized our enterprise and Win Server has never been more reliable.

    I can’t comment on 7 as I haven’t used it yet, but I intend to try it (in a VM).

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for the heads up. That is an excellent idea.

    Best regards, Ron

  • Denny

    Hey Ron ,
    Don’t forget to tell Gooose
    to Update his Drivers

  • Ron Schenone

    I didn’t know that Goose knew how to DRIVE ! LOL

  • Mr Picky

    Yo Jeff …
    its like saying you want to churn your own butter because it might have been made wrong at a factory…

    Funny you should say that, it turns out that foods made in factories are allowed to have certain amounts of ‘impurities’ usually by weight, things like insects (you know crickets roaches etc.), rodent hairs and remains (like from rats etc).

    Furthermore *real* butter is best when made from milk harvested from cows eating GREEN LIVE grass, NOT hay and processed feed that is full of barbiturates, hormones, and antibiotics. It turns out that the NATURAL fats are really quite good for you, AND contain anti-viral and other compounds that greatly assist your immune system and liver. If you’d like to see facts, check out “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. There is a LOT more useful health information where that came from. You’ll likely find it in your local library.

    As for windows 7 I’ve seen no improvement that makes me want to switch from XP, what’s more I think Win 2000 is loads faster than either Vista or Se7en. And not to go on or anything, but aren’t you getting weary of sorting out the bugs and idiotic crap FOR one of the richest companies in the world for free?? I am, which would explain why I’ve become a LOT more interested in Linux lately, its faster, it has excellent hardware compatibility, AND the GUI tools and controls are EASY to use. the console (command prompt) is optional, like in XP or Vista, actually I use the command prompt in windows more than I do in Linux.

  • Yep

    Nice. Sally Fallon is awesome, and I drink raw milk every day. It has really cut down on colds — I maybe get one weak cold a year. I used to get sick at least 3-4 times a year. As much as the FDA frowns on raw milk, I have not gotten one food-borne illness from it. The reality is that pasteurized milk has more problems with contamination and pathogens, even adjusting for the size of the markets (raw milk is a fraction of the market for milk).

    But yeah, I’ve been using PCs for some 25 years, since it was an IBM 8086 on DOS. I got into Linux, and it is rock solid and stable, but they just don’t have all the apps I need, and while WINE looks interesting, none of my Linux machines have the power to run it (I have a netbook and a really old laptop. Linux is great for resurrecting old machines and making them useful for something). I ended up getting a Mac a few months ago, and I love it. It has the stability of Linux (it is Unix — all the *nix OS’s are rock solid) and I do see what the Mac folks were whining about all these years — how Micosoft copies them.

    Sure enough, those “innovators” at Microsoft turned the taskbar into an app dock, which is what OS X has had for some time. The little preview feature looks really annoying. I like the way it is done on the Mac — the icon on the app doc is a preview image of what’s running in the app — be it a document, dialog box or web page. Of course, IE ripped off tabbed browsing from Firefox… Safari didn’t do that. The way you browse multiple windows on a Mac, is to open new Safari windows, and with Exposé you hit one key (or squeeze the side mouse buttons) and all of the windows are tiled and you can see everything that’s going on. This is much better than tabbed browsing, even with fly-over previews. I find working on a Mac to be faster than a PC — not only because the OS is quick and responsive, but also because the shortcuts and work-flow is quicker and more intuitive. The “stacks” feature is awesome! Of course, people who love tabbed browsing can use FireFox on the Mac. I used FireFox at first, but Safari is winning me over. That home page with the rendered images of your most popular sites is amazing! It is very consistent with the OS X UI, and even has the mirroring effect at the bottom. The rendering of icons, fonts, and graphics in general is superior on OS X.

    The other reason I got the Mac is that more companies are giving their software developers Macs. I am an enterprise java developer. I see quite a few jobs where they give employees Macs. After all, a Mac has java pre-installed, some models have a JBoss pre-installed, and Microsoft doesn’t even acknowledge that the most popular programming language/platform even exists.

    Macs are less of a problem to maintain. I just had SP 3 of Windows XP pushed to my work laptop, and it installed half way (which doesn’t seem to happen on *nix systems, because the package managers install things as a transaction). So none of my networking worked. I was puzzled, and I could not uninstall the SP. I ended up finding the SP (It was named with a GUID, which is a really long number — not meant to be read by humans) and re-installed it after I spidered through the directories and found setup.exe. This took 4 hours of my time. This is probably why companies are starting to buy their employees Macs — less downtime for the employee, less need for desktop support staff. Macs are also actually cheaper than PCs if you compare their performance. Don’t be fooled by “this Mac only has 2GB of RAM”, because it only needs 2GB of RAM. Windows is a resource hog, and they haven’t really improved this in Windows 7, from what I understand. It’s more that advances in processors and RAM make for computers that are fast enough to run Windows 7 (according to CNET). In other words — it’s not slower than Vista.

    You gotta love the Windows 7 commercials — I’m running all of these apps and no crashes! Wow! That’s a selling point? I’m glad I bought a Mac. With Windows 7, Microsoft sort of caught up with Mac OS X, but it will probably be another decade until the next leap forward, while OS X takes it’s yearly baby-steps towards greatness… And yes, there are still lots of bugs and lots of BSODs. I’m glad I moved to the Mac. They’re not perfect, but they’re wayyyy better.