Acer Overtakes Dell In U.S. Sales – Takes Number 2 Spot

The CEO of Acer has recently stated that they will over take Dell and become the #2 computer seller in the world. He must know what he is talking about since recent sales in the U.S. now show that Acer is in the number 2 spot. According to a recent article it also states the following information:

The Taiwan-based computer manufacturer says it does not expect to see a decline in revenue this year over last, meaning that it should clear somewhere in the realm of $17 billion — its 2008 revenue figure. Much of the good news (and sales) hails from Asia, where retail markets have not been as hard hit by the economic insanity of the last year. Moreover, Lanci also said that with these figures, Acer “can finally pass Dell” sometime between this quarter and the next. He also added that the company expects to “breach the gap with HP” when it comes to notebooks, netbooks, and smartphones. So… that means we can expect a ton of Acers this year, right? Right.

Here are the sales figure

I don’t think that anyone would of guessed five years ago that Dell would take such a huge plunge. But if I was HP I would keep my eye on Acer,

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  • John Morgan

    Wow! I guess we Americans will take crap over quality?

  • Yassin

    Acer over takes Dell in the worldwide market not the US market, dell still #2 computer seller in the US market after HP

  • Benny Mac

    @John Morgan Acer isn’t bad.. it’s just cheaper.. FYI i’m currently on a Dell but also own an Acer. I heard somewhere that 90% of new computer sales are to businesses and students, both looking to get away with the cheapest they can in this market. if Acer satisfies their needs for word processing, then why spend extra on Dell or HP with a high end graphics card to run their screen saver??

  • Aniket patil

    rofl jacob u kidding me ? acer much better than dell.when it cums for value for money acer comes the best out of all.i own acer 5745g and got dell studio 15 too wch is utter bullshit for 53000 rs i spended my hard earn money on same configuration with mch better performance …. dell suckz big time……..ACER ROCKZZ CNT WAIT TILL IT OVER TAKES H.P