AT&T To Customers – Stop Using Your Apple iPhone! LOL

AT&T has had a sweetheart of a deal as being the sole provider for those who purchase an Apple iPhone. Along with buying the iPhone you also get to pay AT&T up to $2,000 for a 2 year service contract. But here is the best part. If you don’t pay your bill, you get terminated and hit with a cancellation fee. But AT&T gets to keep your money even though it can’t keep up with demand. This is another prime example of corporate greed running amok in America.

According to an article over at the NY Times it also states that:

Owners use them like minicomputers, which they are, and use them a lot. Not only do iPhone owners download applications, stream music and videos and browse the Web at higher rates than the average smartphone user, but the average iPhone owner can also use 10 times the network capacity used by the average smartphone user.

“They don’t even realize how much data they’re using,” said Gene Munster, a senior securities analyst with Piper Jaffray.

The result is dropped calls, spotty service, delayed text and voice messages, and glacial download speeds as AT&T’s cellular network strains to meet the demand. Another result is outraged customers.

And there is this:

Taylor Sbicca, a 27-year-old systems administrator in San Francisco, checks his iPhone 10 to 15 times a day. But he is not making calls. He checks the scores of last night’s baseball game and updates his TwitterYelp and maps the quickest way to get there. He checks the local weather report to see if he needs a coat before heading out to dinner — then he picks a restaurant on Yelp and maps the quickest way to get there.

“It’s so slow, it feels like I’m on a dial-up modem,” he said. Shazam, an application that identifies songs being played on the radio or TV, takes so long to load that the tune may be over by the time the app is ready to hear it. On numerous occasions, Mr. Sbicca says, he missed invitations to meet friends because his text messages had been delayed.

And picking up a cell signal in his apartment? “You hit the dial button and the phone just sits there, saying it’s connecting for 30 seconds,” he said.

More than 20 million other smartphone users are on the AT&T network, but other phones do not drain the network the way the nine million iPhone users do. Indeed, that is why the howls of protest are more numerous in the dense urban areas with higher concentrations of iPhone owners.

“It’s almost worthless to try and get on 3G during peak times in those cities,” Mr. Munster said, referring to the 3G network. “When too many users get in the area, the call drops.” The problems seem particularly pronounced in New York and San Francisco, where Mr. Munster estimates AT&T’s network shoulders as much as 20 percent of all the iPhone users in the United States.

What is AT&T going to do about the problem? According to one employee it plans on upgrades to the system. But in the meantime, keep paying your monthly bill. Things will get better. LOL

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  • JP

    I was shocked at how bad the AT&T network was when I tried to use it in the Seattle. I used to bitch about the Rogers service here in Canada but man you guys have it rough down there for sure. Ours is without a doubt 6-10 faster during peak hours in the urban areas.

  • DasBoat

    “This is another prime example of corporate greed running amok in America.” Your kidding right? You realize they have employees that make salaries, right?. You know, when you go in business in the US, one of the key issues is making money and a profit.

    How about something original?

  • Hilarious Films

    Good post. I don’t experience that here, but that’s probably because I’m not in a big city! :)

  • Ryan Farmer

    Keep buying Windows 95, Windows 98 will be out soon and fix everything.

    Keep buying Windows 98, Windows Me will be out soon and fix everything.

    Keep buying Windows Me, it’ll tide you over til XP gets here and fixes everything.

    Please stop buying XP, Vista is out and it’s super crazy delicious, pretty please!? No Don’t go over there, that’s Linux, it’s scary! What are you doing? It’s dark and we can hear laughing!

    Windows 7 is out and it acts kind of like OS X or Linux only it uses 500 more megs of RAM and is laden with DRM, and still uses MS_DOS drive letters. Throw a house party and you *may* get a free copy.

    I mean hell, even Judas was “guaranteed” the 30 pieces of silver.

    All proprietary software companies use rope a dope tactics to get sales. :)

    Kick the football Charlie Brown, we won’t move it this time!

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  • Hank Castello

    Hmmm, well our iPhone worked just fine when we were in Seattle last week. Used it for everything – maps, finding restaurants, weather and yes, even as a cell phone. We travel quite a bit and have always been happy with our iPhone – true, it does move slowly at times, but not that bad and not that often.

  • James

    That was a great NYT article. Did you have to quote the entire article though? you must have written less then 100 words of original content.