Microsoft Supports Head Transplants

In what is now being called a lame attempt at changing an advertisement for Poland, the software giant [Microsoft]  has issued an apology for changing a persons race. It seems that the ad originally contained a black person in the U.S. version, but a head transplant for the Polish ad was changed to a white person. Who ever did the photo doctoring forgot to change the color of the hands which triggered a wave of unbelief around the web.

Here are the photos:

Some are also claiming that the laptop in the picture is a white Macbook G4. Not being a Mac user myself, I am not sure how accurate this is.

Maybe someone can comment if it is a Macbook minus the Apple logo.


This was one of the funnier comments someone posted:

Oh, that’s not Photoshop. They actually REPLACED HIS HEAD! It has begun!

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  • Ryan Farmer

    Es gibt keine schwarzen Menschen bei Microsoft! Nie!!!

    Anyhow, this is funny.

    Maybe Microsoft just made his head white and the rest of him black because their demographic research found that there were only about half as many black people in Poland by percentage, and they wanted just enough black person in the ad to sell them copies of Windows 7 as well.

  • Ryan Farmer

    Also, I just noticed that they lightened the overall tone of the second photo to make the other people seem “whiter”.

  • mhz

    If you’re going to be offended by something like this, you have to also be offended by the fact that they even bother to include different races at all.

    The fact that any advertisement is “targeted” at you by specifically including a representative of your ethnic background is the concept to debate over, not that fact that a particular change was made in this one case.

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  • Ethan

    I think the whit laptop looks like an iBook G4