Attend A Free Launch Event – Get A Free Copy Of Windows 7

Are you an IT Professional or Developer? You can get yourself a free copy of Windows 7 by attending one of the launch events that Microsoft has scheduled. The events are free so register soon. Space is limited.

Find an event near you!

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  • Ryan Farmer

    I may go to the Cleveland one, it’s not too far from here.

    Get a free coaster out of the deal with those cool Microsoft holograms. :)

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  • mhz

    For Southern California, I checked LA, OC, SD, and all Win7 events were already full.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks mhz

  • Denny

    … I’m Hopin they will have One in Jamestown

  • Ron Schenone

    You keep hoping!
    You might even get HD TV one day!

  • Windows 7 Geek

    I got into one in San Jose, so it will be exciting to hear what the NEW efficiency got to say!
    BTW: I have an LCD TV already :)