Don’t Apple MacBook Pro Owners Deserve Better?

It seems that those MacBook Pro owners who have systems with 500GB hard disks, have been complaining for months about sluggish performance. It seems that at random intervals the drive starts to click and fails to respond.

But what is surprising is that Apple is going to offer a software fix only. One would think that for the price that these computers from Apple cost, Apple would replace the drives. Or is this to much to ask?

I guess this is also a stab at those Apple fanboys who are always telling us that Apple computers are perfect! LOL

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  1. B. E. Busby says:

    Sorry, folks, been running my server here on Vista for 60 days straight, not willing to pay for a dark turtleneck for me, much less te rest of the PIB-wear brigade in Cupertino. Having gone Intel has brought the cache that was Apple to the street. THANK YOU BSD!

    I like BSD — running on an ancient Toshiba laptop. Ahh — I’m not cool, and, courtesy of Mc-y-D, I’m lovin’ it.

  2. SPH says:

    Don’t internet readers deserve better?

    Ron it’s a firmware update. This corrects the problem. Why would you make all these users exchange drives and shuttle drive data around when problem can be fixed with a software fix to the hardware????

    Is this the best you have to offer us readers?

  3. Colby says:

    that would suck to have your hard drive quit on you..

  4. David Stark says:

    Compared to a majority of the PCs on the market? Yes! Macs ARE perfect.

  5. Billy Doyle says:

    OK, I am an Apple fanboy. I admit it. Every time they release a new product I’m like oooooooo!!! But Apple is not perfect. But as David says, they are so much closer than PCs, I’ll put up with it when they screw up.

    Good point though, they should be replacing the drives.

  6. Ron Schenone says:

    Hi Billy,
    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Robert Kelly says:

    If the fault is truly a software (or firmware) bug, then replacing the drive would be silly. If this is a software *workaround* for a hardware fault, then the drive should be replaced. On the other hand, *if* the s/w fix makes the faulty drive run reliably at full speed, no further fix seems necessary. I don’t know enough to make the call.

  8. Settor76 says:

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