We May See Firefox 3.5 By Tuesday June 30, 2009

The folks over at Mozilla have been working hard and furious for the next upcoming release of Firefox 3.5. I have been using Firefox 3.5 from the beta’s through the RC releases which is now RC 3. The new Firefox works very well but there is one plug in I use that still fails to work. I use Google Gears which is a add on recommended by World Press that still is not compatible. But this is a small price to pay for trying the latest and greatest from Mozilla.

Last month I tried to make the switch to Google’s Chrome. As hard as I tried I just couldn’t get used to the fact that Chrome wouldn’t render some sites correctly, causing lock ups on my system. I need my browser to work correctly 100% of the time, so back to Firefox I went. For those who may expect the new Firefox to use less memory, you may still be in for disappointment. If I leave the browser open with about 6 tabs, and place my system which uses Vista into hibernation mode, after a few days Firefox will hit 200MB of RAM usage.

I also took the latest Safari out for a spin as well, and I must say Safari is fast, very fast. But again, I always return back to Firefox as my default browser. Firefox is like an old friend that I just feel comfortable with.

Over at Beta News that quote one Mozilla team member as stating:

“What’s important here is that somebody has to take a stand,” said Mozilla senior platform engineer Damon Sicore in an interview with Betanews Friday, in response to our question as to what Mozilla is doing to encourage Web developers to adopt development principles such as HTML5 embedded video tags, even though Firefox doesn’t have the most usage share. “Somebody has to put open video on the Web. It’s important that these formats are unencumbered. We feel that it’s something that’s in our mission that we have to do to keep them moving forward, in keeping the Web open.”

“Video tags have a way to do fallback, so many of these sites can use the video if its supported, or they can fallback to a plug-in such as Flash or Windows Media Player, to actually deliver some type of content to users on other browsers,” added Vladimir Vukicevic, infrastructure developer for the Firefox browser. “The nice thing is that, Firefox is sitting at about 30% market share — in some places in Europe, it’s significantly higher. So we actually can rely on users having a good chance of having Firefox, and as our market share trends go up, we think we’ll see a lot of pressure come for other browsers to support these [features] as well.”

With this in mind, and with Firefox standing at about 30% of market share, I believe that Firefox 3.5 will garner a higher market share during 2009 and beyond. Stand by for more browser wars heading our way. If you haven’t tried Firefox before, give version 3.5 a try.

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  1. ShadowMyth says:

    I am going to be giving Swiftfox a try, as it is supposed to be faster than Firefox and still able to use the extensions.

  2. Ron Schenone says:

    Hi ShadowMyth,
    Let me know what you think of Swiftfox. I would appreciate your opinion.
    TIA, Ron

  3. Ryan Farmer says:

    I’ve tried out Swiftfox before, the benefits over Firefox are not really that great and the person compiling the binaries does not release source code.

    I’d go with SwiftWeasel if you really want to try an “optimized Firefox”


  4. Ron Schenone says:

    Thanks Ryan.

  5. ShadowMyth says:

    Will do Ron, it appears SwiftWeasel is only for Linux, and currently I am still using MS. Vista is driving me nuts, so I may end up going with Fedora. Going to give it a trial run on a virtual machine, since I have heard it is greatly improved from my last trial run.

  6. Nathan says:

    I find it interesting that so many people compare the two environments. Yes, they’re both open-world environments where you can do pretty much whatever you want, but that’s about where the similarities end.

    Personally, I’ve never really been able to get into SL that much, but I’ve put many hundreds of hours into Minecraft.

  7. Anabelle says:

    Have you tried Glitch yet? It’s a MMO game that’s kind of like Second Life but with RPG elements in it. It’s fun and easily accessible and is okay for casual gamers and not only for heavy players.

    I’ve always been curious about Minecraft but Second Life never really attracted me.

  8. Ramesh Ramloll says:

    Yes they are very similar environments. Second Life is just a wee bit more tailorable. I get bored very quickly in Minecraft … I felt a lot of pain trying to actually build something that looks reasonably good.. the building tools felt limited.I think a lot of people will graduate to Second Life..especially those really want to build stuff which are a wee bit more interactive and detailed. Besides there are a lot of people who make significant money on the side from Second Life. Am not sure Minecraft has a community that does that yet. 

  9. akella says:

    It`s interesting how people compare these two environments.
    They are very similar, indeed. The other posts cover the similarities :)

  10. Peter Hare says:

    I love the TT RPGs yet to this day since i started 5 years ago ive never played only run the games as ether the games master or dungeon master what ever the game requires and all i can say to people that are thinking about running games is…

    Your job is to make sure people are having fun! if there not having fun its your fault no one elses so  mix it up abit!!!! 

    Treat it as telling a story where you lay out a frame work and lead your friends along it
     There is no such thing as a perfect plan once its placed in the hands of your party / group it should just be a back drop for them to game in you should adapt to themDont go over the top with detail allow them to imagine and build there own image up of what they are encounteringCreate themes a recurring foe or place is something that is always useful as a tool for the person running the game to get back on track if you need it to be 

    and take it in moderation!!!!

    Theres loads of other points i would make but i must dash off out!!! 

  11. Sentrybox says:

    RPGs are definately not dying. I’ve got a store in Calgary called The Sentry Box. We sell about $20-25,000 a month of RPGs (about half of it is D&D) alone, as well as tons of other games like Magic, wargames, board games, etc. The striclty on-line players mostly left years ago and the ones who are left like the socialization and fun of playing in person. Lots of them do computer gaming as well but it tends to be only when they can’t get a group together.

    We’ve got 13,000 sq ft of space and over 100,000 different items in stock. This is not a hobby that is dying because of computers.