Microsoft’s ‘Bing’ Goes Live In Beta

Bong, bong, bong, no BING! Microsoft has launched their latest rendition of their new search vehicle called Bing in beta format. The new search is designed to replace Live Search and according to their web site will make finding such things as travel, shopping, health and local stuff easier to find. When you enter into the Bing site you will notice a plain Jane search box similar to what Google has.

But will Bing be enough to garner market share against the likes of Google? That question will be answered as more folks start to use the new search engine. Over at TechCrunch they state:

My thoughts on Bing: I like it. And I’d consider using it as my search engine. But like many people I’m used to Google and I know how to find the things I’m looking for. Bing returns very different results for a lot of queries, which is great. But it also means spending time learning how to use Bing to get what you need out of it. I’ll spend that time because it’s my job. But for most people, they’ll stick to what they know, and that’s Google.

That says it all. I tried Bing and it works just fine. But whether I change from Google to Bing can not be answered as of yet.

Try Bing and let us know what you think.

Comments as always are welcome.

Try Bing here.

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  • Ryan Farmer

    I think that no matter how good Bing will be (not passing judgements yet), it may not matter since IE 8 really isn’t all that good and people are still continuing to leave it en masse for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

    We’ve already established that Microsoft will use a trojan horse dropper to infect Firefox with .Net and WPF without informed consent on the part of the user, so I wonder how long it will take them to start hijacking your search page in other browsers when you install IE or something like Windows Live.

    Also what’s hilarious is that Bing is hosted on Linux, not Windows, because they use Akamai servers.

    Looks like Linux on Apache to me, so much for the Highly Reliable Windows FUD. :)

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  • Ron Schenone

    Ryan – good point.

  • Goose

    Hey….Bing already showed up on my toolbar…..

  • Smokey

    it seems like Microsoft is having a search engine identity crisis