The Best Little Whorehouse On Twitter

The Sun is reporting that a brothel is operating on Twitter. The news agency reports the following:

A BROTHEL is touting its services via social networking site TWITTER.

‘House of Divine’ advertises which girls are on duty each day — and issues ‘special offers’ to punters’ mobile phones.

The firm, based in Milton Keynes, Bucks, also sends appeals for working girls to enlist.

Lib-Dem MP Julia Goldsworthy labelled the brothel’s use of Twitter “cynical and inappropriate”. Twitter declined to comment yesterday.

I do not expect anyone who reads this to immediately go to the web site of ‘House of Divine’. LOL

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  • ValT

    Well, while you “don’t expect anyone to immediately go there…” we do live amongst inquisitive minds, now don’t we? LMAO

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  • epilogos

    It’s only a matter of time that the world’s oldest profession will make a beeline for the world’s hottest technology.

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  • laxoriginality

    Last week Twitter released an interesting stat: 64% of people who sign up never return. Seems low. Porn ‘made’ the VCR, the DVD, and the modern internet so maybe it can make something out of twitter before the VCs pull the plug.