Will Internet Explorer 8 Be Known As The Daughter Of Vista?

Yesterday Microsoft introduced their latest browser version #8 of their Internet Explorer software. I was happy to download a copy of the new browser and take it for a test ride. My hope was that it would be lighter on the resources of my system, which just happens to be using Vista Home Premium. Now before I begin, let me say this. I like Vista and overall it works fine on my laptop and does what I need it to do.

With that said, I downloaded IE 8 and installed it last night. The install went just fine and after setup I ran the browser with no additional plug ins and used the browser the same way I use Firefox. I opened 5 tabs for the sites I use daily which include by blog site. My hope was that IE8 would use less RAM than Firefox, which on my personal system sucks RAM like a kid sucking on a straw with nothing left at the bottom of the glass.

I have replaced task manager with Process Explorer which provides an in depth breakdown on how resources are being used. After firing up IE8 with just 5 tabs open my system was using over 160 MB of RAM just to support the new browser. To be fair, Firefox and Chrome also suck up this much RAM or more using the same 5 tabs.

So what has Microsoft done? They have chanced after the same features that everyone else has [more tabs] and have sacrificed performance for features. Sound familiar? Isn’t that is what they did with Vista?

What has your experience been with IE8? Let us know.

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