Windows 7 – More Stuff To Turn Off

It is now confirmed by Microsoft that we consumers will be allowed more control on what we can turn off in Windows 7. According to this Microsoft blog article, complete with screen shot, there will be more user control built into this latest operating system. Take at look at what the RC version will offer:

Windows Features control panel

So what do you think? Will this be enough to make you buy this latest operating system?

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  • Ron Knights

    I can’t read the stuff on the screenshot,

    Most of us techie types already use programs that will accomplish the same goal.

    I still have PCs even though my main computer is now a Macintosh.

    I haven’t seen a single thing that would inspire me to buy a copy of Windows 7.

  • Don Naphen

    For the first time in many years Ron, I don’t think I’ll be considering an upgrade to yet another OS. I finally realized that it’s a waste of money starting from scratch all over again. It took awhile for me to grasp the VISTA way of doing things, and of course, cleaning up the junk that came with my new pc. I run Firefox as my browser, and could care less if I could turn off the IE browser. Who cares ???

    Most functions can be turned on/off with VISTA if one takes the time to learn how. AND, the thought of transferring all my software to a new system AND convincing some (Adobe, Corel, etc.) that I’m on a new pc and NOT trying to get 2 for the price of 1 just doesn’t appeal to me! LOL

    From some of the published articles on Windows 7, I almost feel as if it’s a glorified Service Pack for VISTA, and Billy G. is trying to suck a few more bucks out of us.

  • Tuomas Virtanen

    This is a move to right direction to Microsoft. With this, they get some good points with geeks and more importantly will help them with antitrust issues they keep having. Double win for Microsoft, let’s hope they keep good work up and maybe they’ll be the good guy at some point instead of the eternal evil that some people think of it today :)

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Hi Ron – that is the biggest I can get the screen shot on this site. Click on the source link and it will take you to the Microsoft blog site. The image there is easily readable.

    Heh Don- It is a BIG service pack! LOL

  • ZhenWei

    Hey, I’m really tired of the power sucking Vista and am really looking forward to Windows 7 and several of it’s really cool functions.

    But for this post about more things to turn off..
    Doesn’t affect me much as I don’t think there is a major impact on my decision to upgrade or not.

    Somehow, I agree with Don that it seems like Bill G. is really trying to suck more bucks from us. For those that wants an upgrade from Vista to 7, it’s almost as if we’re paying Microsoft to get rid of Vista that we first BOUGHT with our own money… sad case..

  • Zac B

    Don, Zhen, etc,
    You are all fools. The very percentage of your posts are pure negative garbage. It’s worse than your suposed clames of Vista garbage. Worse because you infect other people with crazy bs then usually go boast another company that practices similar things.

    Most of us understand that you aren’t happy with Microsoft products, think everything else is better, and regardless of the changes made they will be too much or too little. Too many options to turn off or too many embedded features. Too long between OS releases and too soon to “pay” to “rid” yourself of the previous one. We get it, and you know, happy, sad or whatever, we just don’t want to hear the crap from your mouths any longer.

    Say what you will of Microsoft however, go visit the majority of their development team blogs. When there search for any Apple product, perhaps some Linux distro’s. I can say without a doubt you would not only have a hard time finding negative comments but would actually have a hard time finding comments that weren’t possitive.

    Sure, you could mention they like it so they’re stealing the idea’s or you could say something in the terms of a reafermation of the superiority of other products. Whatever, seriously, you are negative people for a reason. I try to avoid negative people in life but it seems they are much harder to escape online.

    I guess total blame can’t be put on you as the products you are mostly interested in are produced by negative haters just like you. Well actually they are worse because they don’t just go into blogs bloating them with the same ignorant jokes or ill based ‘facts’, they actually go on tv and lie to the public as a whole.

    Note: This doesn’t apply to actual Linux users as they are typically open minded and enjoy software. The comment above is for the little kids who get a hold of a copy and put it on mom’s old computer, download some tools and call themselves hackers. You know who I’m talking about.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Zak B,
    We must remember that others have a right to express their opinions, whether you agree with them or not.

    Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Regards, Ron

  • Zac B

    As do I.

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