Hearst To Launch Wireless E-Reader

We have all read recently of some of this countries largest and most famous newspapers going under. Lack of revenues have forced some of the oldest, Colorado Rockies since the 1860’s, to close shop. The Heart publishing giant has also come under the gun and has suffered massive loses. Now the company is prepared to launch a new wireless e-reader.

According to Fortune, their article states that:

According to industry insiders, Hearst, which publishes magazines ranging from Cosmopolitan to EsquireSan Francisco Chronicle, has developed a wireless e-reader with a large-format screen suited to the reading and advertising requirements of newspapers and magazines. The device and underlying technology, which other publishers will be allowed to adapt, is likely to debut this year. and newspapers including the financially imperiled

So-called e-readers like Kindle and the Sony Reader are hand-held gadgets that use electronic “ink” displayed on a crisp, low-power screen to deliver an experience that approximates reading on paper – without the cost of paper, printing and delivery, which can account for as much as 50% of the cost of putting out a periodical.

Hearst executives declined to provide specifics about the forthcoming e-reader, but Kenneth Bronfin, who heads up the interactive media group for Hearst, told Fortune in an interview for a forthcoming magazine story that the publishing company has a deep expertise in the technology. “I can’t tell you the details of what we are doing, but I can say we are keenly interested in this, and expect these devices will be a big part of our future,” Bronfin told Fortune.

Will losing most of our major newspapers be a great loss, or is it long over due?

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  • Bruce

    I was a subscriber to the Cincinnati Enquirer for, oh, about 38 years. I canceled my subscription in 2006 because I could read most of the content the day, or days before on the internet. Since then the Enquirer has reduced the size of the paper, reduced the area of printed area, cut back on types of articles and columns and reduced the number of days the classified section runs. I can get local news from the Enquirer’s and local TV websites, the newspaper can’t even begin to compete with National and International news I can receive on internet. And don’t even get me started on citizen journalists such as yourself, Ron. I thrive on all of the different opinions and perspectives of people from all over the USA and the world!

    If the Cincinnati Enquirer would print an electronic edition of the paper and charge a proper subscription fee (not $90 a year like the WSJ), I would try it out for a while. I do not want to see the local paper fold, but neither do I want to pay for a newspaper that right now is nearly useless to me.

    IMHO: newspapers had better reinvent themselves real fast because they are on short time under the current business model.

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is appreciated.
    Regards, Ron

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