Circuit City – Beware! All Sales Are Final

Several consumers are reporting problems with purchases they made during the liquidation sale at Circuit City. Two reports, one from Boston and another in Minnesota concerns HDTV purchases over $1,000. Both customers claim that the TV’s they bought were shattered and Circuit City refused to replace the units or provide a refund.

Circuit City has a sign in their stores that are similar to this one:

But what happens when the item you bought is broken? How about when the store refuses to allow you to check the item without paying first? According to this story, that is what has happened.

Customer Gina Reis paid $1,100 for a big screen Samsung TV at the liquidation sale, only to get it home and discover it was completely unusable.”It’s shattered from here all the way up, and then on the other side as well,” said Reis.When the couple took the set back to the store … “They said, ‘Sorry, your problem, not ours,” Reis said.Repairs would cost $2,000 and Circuit City said it would do nothing.”I expected to get a TV that was working,” Reis said.There are plenty of signs in the store that say “Final Sales” but nowhere does it say the merchandise may be defective.Team 5 Investigates discovered that while consumers are warned about final sales, they have no way of knowing if what they’re buying is bad. In the Natick store, inspections are allowed only after a customer pays, and in Somerville, one sign says “Check your purchase,” but another sign says, “Don’t Open The Merchandise.”

In Minnesota this is what happened to another couple:

A family paid $1,500 for a TV at the Circuit City liquidation sale — and claim that they were prevented from opening the box to make sure the TV wasn’t damaged. The TV was, of course, totally shattered. When the local Fox affiliate tried to investigate, they say they were “kicked out” of the store.

This should serve as a warning to any who may be thinking of getting a great deal at Circuit City. Yes. If you pay by credit card you can have the transaction stopped. But why go through the hassle?

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  • a

    you can open the merchandise after it is bought, and if its defective, or missing something, you may return it, but once it leaves the store circuit cant do anything. Its not like circuit city knows that the prodcut doesnt work, they dont make it, samsung and sony, and panasonic do. not CIRCUIT CITY, so how would they know it doenst work. AND UNLESS YOUR A RETARTED person ALL SALES FINNAL includes defective, broken, or anything eles. hints the word ALL.

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  • Ron Schenone

    It would seem more consumer friendly for CC to inspect the items BEFORE the customer has to purchase the item. Of cource when one is going out of business why be friendly! LOL

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  • a

    if the company was to open and test all products before putting then out it would diminish the value of the product and then would be open not closed. if the customer chose is to they may open and test before they leave. if def the company will return in, once it leaves the store they can not. its not about not being friendly its about consumers being stupid and not testing before they leave a store