Would You Buy A Stripped Down Windows 7?

I was trying to remember what Windows 3.1 came with back in the days when 4MB of RAM was enough and a single core 33MHz cpu screamed. :-) I recall the piss poor graphics, no multi tasking, slow internet [I recall something like 14.4 ?] and using Netscape since there was no Internet Explorer. :-)

If you wanted to add something to Windows 3.1 you bought it. But then all of this slowly changed as each version of Windows got bigger and bigger culminating with Vista which was considered bloatware. The lastest operating system came with a host of features that must of made a lot of 3rd party software vendors cringe.

Microsoft is now working on their latest product called Windows 7. It has been stripped with some of the bells and whistle that previous versions have come with, most noticeable is the lack of an email program. This and other frills will need to be download at the users discretion.

But is this enough to shrink down Windows? Do other things need to be removed such as games, Internet Explorer, notepad, wordpad, defrag program and so forth? Would you buy a stripped down version of Windows 7 if the pricing was lower and contained less bloatware?

I believe I would.

What about you?

Comments welcome.

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  • Vilma

    Problem is, your suggested omissions: Notepad, Wordpad, Defrag, even basic games, it seems to my limited knowledge of Windows internals, take up very little space. For sure, Notepad could go. Wordpad is a much more functional basic word processor which I wouldn’t be without. Lets you put .txt files with your MP3’s for more details than the comments field allows without opening a full function WP. Defrag? For God’s sake, defrag is a basic utility!. A bigger problem may be the Windows restore feature which sucks up big gigs. And then there’s the browser. Truth is, I’ve come to like IE8 as Firefox has got more and more bloated so that it now takes about forever to open. Windows Media Player is probably the best candidate for bloat omission. But, come to think of it, since Music Match Jukebox sold out to Yahoo, who trashed, then dumped the product, WMP ain’t so bad.
    In truth, whatever Microsoft omitted from Win7, the damn thing is hugely faster than XP both on install and startup. It doesn’t slow down any with the addition of the Windows Live Email program.. Better yet, it doesn’t seem to need the ATI Catalyst and Logitech setpoint software that I use on XP, both of which define bloatware.
    What I would really like to see MS do is give us an options menu that appears on install. They had such in Win98 as I recall…, though the options were limited.
    Perhaps the base price for a full Win7 would leave out a whole bunch of goodies. If you want others, pay up. That would allow MS to see what they have that’s really wanted and what isn’t working. Since there are lots of free browsers, email programs and media players out there, they would have to price appropriately.
    Wiin7 so far as I can see from the Beta is a complete winner. If they would just give me the option use the “classic” windows GUI (another non-bloating option) I would buy the stupid thing in a heartbeat and sell my XP license to anyone who’d have it.

  • Bruce

    I agree with you, Ron. I rarely use the additional (mostly lame) stuff that comes with Windows. For instance I much prefer letting ACDsee handle my photo needs versus the built-in photo manager. I do use Windows Mail as a local client – but I pretty much hate all the (local) email clients available, so that doesn’t really matter so much (I’m a big fan of Gmail, however, and use it for almost all of my email handling). I do like Windows Media Player and would probably download that, but that would likely be about all. So, yes, I would like a stripped down WIN7 at a lower price. Somehow, I just don’t envision MS giving us a break on the price though…

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Hello Vilma,
    I must agree that Win 7 is quick.

    Hi Bruce,
    I don’t envision a price break either.

    Thanks for the comment, Ron

  • fed johnson

    If the full version of win7 is over $150 USA , while I admit the beta is great, I just could not buy it without knowing I’ve been ripped off for more.

    MS really have get get some fair pricing going I think they would be surprised how much more money they would make if their software costs less then a new pc so more would choose to buy it. Most of us can not justify $400 on ANY piece of software.

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