Free Web For All Americans – Will It Happen?

The outgoing chairman for the FCC, Kevin Martin, is pushing for a free web for all Americans. His proposal is to have a free wireless Internet access for everyone. He is hoping to have this pushed through during this month and before his term ends.

According to this article it also states that:

The free Internet plan is the most controversial issue the agency will tackle in December. Mr. Martin shelved plans to consider a wider variety of sticky issues pending at the agency, including a request by the Hollywood studios to hobble TVs and set-top boxes so studios can offer copy-protected theatrical releases sooner.

The proposal to allow a no-smut, free wireless Internet service is part of a proposal to auction off a chunk of airwaves. The winning bidder would be required to set aside a quarter of the airwaves for a free Internet service. The winner could establish a paid service that would have a fast wireless Internet connection. The free service could be slower and would be required to filter out pornography and other material not suitable for children. The FCC’s proposal mirrors a plan offered by M2Z Networks Inc., a start-up backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner John Doerr.

Though his plan is commendable, in this time of economic hardships, it may be hard to get passed. But what do you think? Will the FCC be able to get this passed and approved?

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