Circuit City To Close Another 150 Stores?

Whether this is a rumor or not, it is not going to make life easier for the folks employed by Circuit City. Consumers will not shop at a store that might go out of business soon, no matter what guarantees the company makes. As an example, Circuit City states that extended warranties will be honored, since they are provided by third parties. But let’s face it. Who is going to believe this?

According to Tech Traders:

As for which stores close, it’ll be a simple question of which locations remaining have the worst profitability. Black Friday looks to be a large indicator of how this whole scenario will play out.”

Anyone feeling optimistic about sales on Black Friday? I didn’t think so.

But what caught my attention was this comment:

I currently work for circuit city, and I have seen a tremendous decline in sales over the past couple months. I would come in to work and there would be little to no customer’s on the floor as oppose to last year where the whole month of November was packed. I honestly feel that shutting down another 150 stores will not help the company in any way, it will just postpone if not speed up the process of completely shutting down. Circuit city’s inevitable doom awaits it in 2009.

Are things really that bad? I’m not sure. But on Monday evening we went out for dinner near a Circuit City. At 7:00pm, there were 3 cars in the Circuit City parking lot.

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  • DarkSentinel

    We stopped by the one close to where we live (Reno), and the “so-called” sale really sucks. Even at their “sale” prices, Walmart still beat them hands down. Comments by people in the store, and those leaving reflected that same sentiment. Personally, I don’t feel it was the crash at all. The writing was on the wall much earlier, as it was for CompUSA. They priced themselves out of business. I haven’t anything so far, but Best Buy may be joining them for that very reason.

    Having worked part time at CompUSA, I saw firsthand the markup they did on their prices. Which was the main reason I did the part time in the repair shop. I got everything at cost…:)

    Let’s face it, with the current economy, places like Circuit City had better change their marketing strategy, and pricing structure, or they are all going to go the way of the dinosaurs.

  • Ron Schenone

    I’ve heard the same thing that the sale prices are still high. Rumor has it as the weeks go on, the prices will drop.

  • Anonymous

    I have Comcast Internet, and it is both terrible and overpriced. $10 USD is all it is worth for anyone, rich or poor!

  • Jason Reece

    A co-worker of mine is a single mom with three children and receives no child support. She showed me the brochure from Comcast with the details of this offer and asked for my opinion. She often asks for my advice because of my financial background and I’m always glad to help anyone who needs it.

    Initially, I was skeptical because cable and satellite providers aren’t exactly known for their ethical marketing practices. But after reading the fine print, I must admit that it seems like a very good opportunity for low-income families. Many of the families who take advantage of this offer would be stuck with an ancient, obsolete computer, at best.

    I also like the fact that it is FREE, but it is affordable. As Habitat for Humanity puts it- “A Hand Up, Not a Handout”…and that’s the kind of program that helps make a difference!