Consumers Shy Away From Google Searches

As the economic slump continues, Google is starting to feel a slight pinch, in that consumer are not searching as much for things to buy. Because of this, the search giant is seeing a decline in commercial searches. People are now looking more for bargains.

After reading about this, I have noticed my actions during the past month. I have been scouring the web for the lowest prices for Christmas gifts and also for a new TV for our master bedroom. I have been doing searches which have resulted in the cheapest price I could find. But is this different than what I have done in previous years? I personally don’t believe so. I have always looked for quality products at bargain prices.

Before you feel sorry for Google, analysts are still predicting a 11% growth for the search company.

What do you think? Have you changed your search habits? If so, let us know what you are doing differently.

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  • Urban Underbrink

    Most of what I purchase from Internet Shops are from “Sales Newsletters” which I am subscribed to. The best deals in items I am interested in just come to me by email. I am glad Google is there to get reviews on products before I make the purchase.

  • Rosanne Cleveland-King

    I use only Google for searches: shopping, or research or whatever I’m in need of.

  • Anno de Vries

    I am tending to search by other means. My most annoying experience is that when i search, i have to scroll trough numerous selling company pages, where i want information about any equipment or gadget or whatever. I mean, before i start looking to shop and buy.
    I think it’s in their interest to show commercial links, but it is n’t allways waht i am nterested in. They should separate the results. “Wanna buy?” button or whatever on the informative results page and from there by one click on this button or link to the commercial results. In that way, i would stay on Google.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thank you for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.
    Regards, Ron

  • Tom Lee

    My search habits haven’t changed one bit. I never click on sponsored links anyway so Google hardly makes any money out me I don’t think anyway LOL.

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  • Norbert ( Bob ) Gostischa

    You also need to realize that AARP isn’t there to fight for the rights of us seniors. Those days are long gone. It’s now just another political entity with it’s own agenda.
    It’s also more concerned with making a buck than defending Senior Rights.
    I was a member for about 15 years but have now learned to channel my funds elsewhere.
    The should rename themselves to something more fitting like Another Association Ripping off People.