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For the past few year I have been using Auslogic’s Disk Defragmentor and I have been pleased with its performance. I also like the program because it is free. With this thought in mind, I have made a decision in that I will only use free stuff on my computer. Why? I firmly believe that the free programs are just as good as their commercial alternatives.

So last week I took a look at another free software program from called Smart Defrag. The current version of this disk defragmention program does a very good job in defraging your hard disk, but also has a setting to defrag and optimize as well. Overall I found the program to be fairly quick in defragging my system, which is Vista SP1.

On their web site IObit states:

Smart Defrag
The World’s Most Efficient Defragmenter

What’s the primary cause of slow/unstable PC performance? It’s disk fragmentation. Smart Defrag helps defragment your hard drives more efficiently than any other product on the market –– free or not.

This powerful, award-winning free defragmenter is 100% safe and clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses.

Some of you believe that defraging a hard disk is not necessary and I respect your opinion. But if you believe that defraging your drive is helpful, may I recommend giving this program a try.

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  • Denny

    Hi . Ron
    ………I’ve been Usin . Auslogic’s Disk on my Vista~Box
    and Like . It .
    >>> I tried Smart Defrag last Weekend on my XP~Box
    So Far I Like The . Auslogic’s Disk . MORE~BETTER.. :-)

  • Denny

    Have . U . Tried This Ron .
    ………Easeus Partition Manager 2.1………..

  • Ron Schenone

    I knew that! :-)

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Den,
    I haven’t tried that program. Let us know how it works for you.

  • Fighting_Falcon

    Hi Ron,
    I fully agree that often, free apps are as good as their commercial counterparts. But in the specific case of defragging Vista, I must respectfully disagree on this point.

    I may be a bit biased because I use a commercial utility (Diskeeper 2008 Professional) which works brilliantly, and, obviously was not free. When you compare the feature set of say, Diskeeper, Vista’s defragger, and freebies like Auslogics, the dominance of Diskeeper is evident, but the advantages of the freebies over Vista’s defrag are not clear. Features like defrag of system files (MFT etc), defrag of multiple drives simultaneously, shadow copy aware defrag (needed for Vista!), low space defrag, etc etc are sorely lacking in the freebies. So what then makes them so attractive? Genuinely puzzled here….

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello FF,
    I’ve never had much confidence in the built in defrag system that comes with Windows. I have also used Diskeeper which is in fact one of the best on the market. Both of the freebies I mentioned are alternatives only.

  • Wordof Caution

    Auslogics Disk Defragmenter, in the version of last November / December (2007) *permanently* locked me out of my XP-H machine (no pre-boot access, no boot access). They had *zero* helpful suggestions for the login corruption, and my machine has been idle since. Big AYOR !

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Wordof Caution,
    Thanks for the info.

  • Anonymous

    This should be made into a self booting iso CD to be used on PC’s that are so infected that they are unusable!

  • Stephen Coles

    I doubt that number is much higher, if at all. People rarely, if ever, get virus emails anymore (I haven’t seen one in many, many, many years). Clueless people tend not to go to sites or download items where viruses, worms, trojans, etc. are common (warez sites, torrents, etc.). Those who do go to those types of sites are usually smart enough to know what not to open questionable files and if they do, they can usually figure out that they just got infected and need to clean their systems. Bad Facebook apps tend to just post crap everywhere and your friends will point that out to you. ISPs provide free antivirus software and most computers come with at least an antivirus trial, so there aren’t that many people out there without any antivirus protection. If a virus disables your antivirus, you will usually notice eventually. Overall, I think most infections tend to be pretty temporary. Yeah, 5% of people out there probably are clueless enough to get infected and stay infected because they don’t know better, though.

  • Terence O’Neill

    Thanks for posting Ron, I’ll be sure to run the scan.

  • Jacob Burrell

    What about for Linux and Chrome OS users?

  • Jacob Burrell

    I believe it’s double click.