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Intel and Asus have teamed up and want you to share your ideas of what a perfect PC would be. Over at their site called, users can share their ideas of what they want in a computer. It is a great opportunity to let these two companies know what you think.

On their site they state:

About WePC:

Imagine your perfect PC. Now imagine top engineers and innovators working around the clock to make that Dream PC a reality. That’s the dream is all about.

ASUS and Intel have created, a place where users like you come together to share ideas, images and inspiration about your ideal PC. But what if it’s not just talk. Your designs, feature ideas and community feedback will be evaluated by ASUS and could influence the blueprint for an actual notebook PC built by ASUS with Intel inside.

About the authors

Leading online voices have come together on to ignite conversation and share thoughts about what a PC should be. Like you, this group of designers, engineers, hardware geeks and gamers is passionate about technology and full of ideas.

On, the web’s most creative minds are blogging about what innovations they’d like to see in a PC, chatting with you about your ideas and fueling the community brainstorming session. Join them in creating the perfect PC!

So why don’t you give it a try and see what great ideas you can come up with.

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  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks Dave for sharing this.

  • Dave

    I feel one componant should be is a HP light scribe cd/dvd writer . This is a must for any music or media enthusiast out there. Because you can burn movies and audio . Then you can laser light scribe on the top of the disc a pic of the movie or musician . This will help you to recognize your discs. Also for the musicians out there it saves time on producing the product for sale. Instead of using those stick labels . It has a more professional look . This is my opinion. Thanks from Dave aka:hotrod409

  • Peter Nunn

    Under no circumstances get anything HP or Nvidia.

    I have just had a 14 month old topend HP notebook die with the well publicised Nvidia “too hot I’m dead” problem and the dont want to know about it for this particular model (dv9520).

    Most other manufacturers are putting their hand up to fix it.. but not these buggers.

  • 1fastbullet

    Let me see if I have this right.

    I should tell someone I don’t know what it takes to create my idea of the perfect computer so that someone else I don’t know can build and sell it for three times the cost of building it?

    Why don’t I keep my mouth shut and simply build my computer to my personal specs. Kinda like I did with this machine 5 months ago…

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  • Scott Chambers

    One little helpful hint, its Coby not Colby.

    • Chris Pirillo

      Oh, jeez. Ron? 😛

  • Frank

    I had a Coby “Spongebob” themed DVD player and it was the pits. Hard to take Coby seriously since that time.

  • Cavin Graves

    My thoughts exactly…

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping you’d provide more detail comparing the features offered by each device.

    Your blog post does nothing to convince me that it would be worth buying the Coby.

  • Edurdo Piovani Dias

    I came across his device about a month ago, while doing some “window shopping” at my local “grey market” neiighborhood, and immediately fell in love with it. When I saw it working with an animated desktop screen I was sold.
    As an iPad owner, I think I would better pass it along to my niece, who was craving for an Apple tablet but just could not afford it. After a week using it, she was in love with the gadget.

    Now, if only Jobs could get out of the way and Cupertino come out with a 7-incher…