Blu-Ray Prices Cut – But Is It Enough?

It seems that the prices of Blu-Ray players are dropping below $230 at some of the larger retailers. The predictions are that prices could fall below $150 as we approach Black Friday. But the question that is being asked, ‘is that low enough’ to attract buyers to the newest technology?

Blu-Ray technology renders moves at 1080 lines of resolution, which makes for better viewing than the standard 480 resolution produced by DVD’s. But the cost of the players, cost of the movies and the price of a new TV have kept many from switching over to the latest and greatest.

Now with economy going through rough times, it is unknown how many of the new players the public will purchase this holiday season. It addition according to the Wall Street Journal article, it states:

Industry analysts believe stores may have been overly optimistic in ordering Blu-ray players for the holiday season. That’s another factor behind the price cuts, especially since some older models in retailer inventories can’t connect to the Internet, which is necessary to tap interactive features on some Blu-ray discs.

There is another motive for the markdowns. Manufacturers and retailers want to speed the mass adoption of Blu-ray before digital-movie downloads and video on demand overtake movie disc sales and rentals — a looming development that already may be damping sales.

“Up to this point, the category has not performed to expectations, but manufacturers sense the urgency, and are making sure that they lower prices to the point that Blu-ray players will become irresistible to consumers this holiday season,” said Bruce Tripido, a vice president of marketing at Sharp Electronics Corp.

So the question is this. Will you be buying Blu-Ray this holiday season? Or do you believe that DVD’s are good enough?

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  • mhz

    Its not the price of the players…people who want to upgrade the quality of their collection will save up and spring for the player. Its the cost of the movies that makes the difference.

    If the price point for movies standardizes at <=$15. then people might start buying Blu Ray movies over Standard DVD.

    Unless they have a projector, and are charging admission, most people are not going to Blu-Ray as long as there are still standard DVDs for sale ~$10.

  • Jen Knox

    We’ve had a Roku for almost two years and love it! We use it more than we use our TiVo Premiere in terms of watching recorded broadcast shows AND in use of apps that are available on both the Roku and TiVo. When we added Hulu Plus to the mix, it was all over….Roku rocks! Get the PlayOn service for it as well and you can *almost* cancel your cable because then you can access the standard content on Hulu as well!