TV Prices Set To Fall As Black Friday Approaches

I mentioned this last month and it seems that the NY Times agrees. Pricing on TV’s are set to fall as we approach Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. For the readers who are outside of the U.S., Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in which family gather and usually have a turkey for the main course. The holiday celebrates when the Pilgrims arrived in America and broke bread with the Native Americans.

With economic times hitting harder than first suspected and with little faith in the current lame duck administration to solve our economic woes, retailers may be offering steep discounts on TV’s. According to the NY Times articles they are predicting the following price drops:

Paul Gagnon, DisplaySearch’s director of North American TV market research, predicts the following prices in the coming weeks:

19-inch high definition LCD: $199
32-inch HD LCD: $399-$499
40-inch 1080p LCD: $799-$999
42-inch HD plasma: $599-$699
50-inch HD plasma: $899-$999

So keep your eyes open for some excellent buys coming your way around turkey day.

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  • the oracle

    With the pricing of LCDs dropping almost daily, it is about time. The people are going to get a surprise, however, when they see (or don’t see) the digital pictures from not-so-local television stations.

    Beyond the digital artifacts found in the best pictures, the average consumer is going to find that changes of antenna and positioning of same are going to be needed, and sometimes at a much elevated cost from ‘the good old days’.

    The DVD collection will help with the pain, and may spur Blu-ray sales, as the buyer realizes broadcast television quality leaves much to be desired.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks Marc for dropping by and sharing your expertise with us. It should be interesting to see what happens in Feb. :-)

  • Jeff

    Good set of Black Friday predictions here:

  • Robin

    The gottadeal guy has got to be the biggest spammer out there. I tried to get off his alert mailing list but he continues to send me emails. Definitely don’t join their mailing list.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Jeff – thanks for the link.

    Hello Robin,
    Sorry to hear you are having problems with the site and unwanted email.

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  • harry reynols

    Yes, the prices on tv are set to fall this friday after the holidays.

  • Elizabeth Scher



  • Gordon Keenan

    The iPad is not the right product for you. Every point you raise just re-afforms that.
    May sell what you have and get something like the Air?
    Still it’s always nice to have a product and bitch about it! Why, isn’t that what technology is all about!!!

  • tojosan

    Good post Matt. Wondering though if this would be counterintuitive for some. Why not just by a netbook?

  • The Cyberati â„¢

    I concur. What he really wants is a Macbook Air. It makes more sense than trying to re-invent the wheel.