Comcast Rolls Out Extreme 50 Mbps

Comcast is getting ready to roll out extreme internet speeds of 50 Mbps The roll out will first take place in 10 major markets for about 10 million homes and businesses. Areas to be covered first are in parts of New England, which will include Boston and New Hampshire plus parts of Philadelphia and New Jersey.

According to the Comcast press release, it states:

As part of the wideband deployment, Comcast will launch two new premium speed tiers to its residential and business class customers. Both services are ideal for households or businesses simultaneously using several computers or Internet-connected devices. They also will appeal to those who simply want some of the fastest speeds available in the U.S. today:

New Residential Tiers
• Extreme 50, offering up to 50 Mbps of downstream speed and up to 10 Mbps of upstream speed at $139.95/month.*

• Ultra, offering up to 22 Mbps of downstream speed and up to 5 Mbps of upstream speed at $62.95/month.*

Comcast also says their future speeds will hit 160 Mbps. Not to shabby but pricing seems slightly high. But what else is new. Comcast has never been known as a friend to consumers.

So what do you think? Do you need this fantastic speeds in your home?

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  • George

    i dont see why anyone would need those speeds unless they had to do some major downloading. either way your on a shared network so you’ll never be getting all 50 at once, my guess is that they would share it between like 80 homes, so really the most you would ever get would be like 20 im thinking. either way, who wants comcast? they’re a horrible company

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello George,
    Good points especially the one ‘who wants comcast’. :-)

  • the oracle

    The problem with claims such as this, for the average user, is that he/she will never need to use that speed, but, instead will judge that the speed is not really there, as most users assess the situation by latency – not speed.

    Those who want such continuous speed will be dissappointed, as they will be the first to hit the caps, throttling, or overage charges that those ‘great folks’ at Comcast will certainly continue to use.

    My son has a friend that recently got FiOS, and has a claimed 25/5 Mb/s, however, when browsing, the speed ‘awareness’ due to latency, is not much different than the 3Mb/768kb that we have here. We look forward to FiOS for bursting, such as when the latest Ubuntu, or Fedora builds are released, but I doubt any home user will need such extreme speed for any measure of the month they pay for.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Marc,
    Another thought. Comcast loves to throttle back accounts when users exceed what Comcast sees as excessive usage. It should be interesting to see what they do when users start to download the entire Internet! :-)

  • Bryan Price

    I’d think about it, but they really have to do something about that bandwidth cap. I know my usage last month was over 250G.