Asus Netbook Reaches 4M In Sales

Asus entered into the netbook market in October of 2007, and after a year, the company has sold 4 million units. The company goal is to pump out 5 million units by the end of 2008. The company is also looking at coming out with a touch screen model to boost sales.

Over at Laptop magazine they interviewed the CEO of Asus who made these observations:

As the Eee PC, and arguably the first consumer netbook, turns one we checked in with ASUS CEO Jerry Shen who has spearheaded the company’s Eee brand and its push into the netbook market. A year later, Shen isn’t fearful of the onslaught of netbooks hitting the market from the likes of Samsung, Lenovo and Dell and only thinks the market is just starting to take off. Why? Well he shared the following in the hour long interview:

  • Four million Eee PCs have been sold to date. He plans to reach the goal of 5 million Eee PC sales by the end of 2008.
  • Touch-enabled Eee PCs are on the way and will be here by early 2009. Shen didn’t share the details of the form factor, though he said they are exploring a convertible mode and a regular laptop form for touch-enabled Eee PCs. They will also run Windows 7 as early as mid-2009.
  • Several skus of the Eee PC give customers numerous choices and allow them to find the Eee PC that best fits their needs.

This seems to indicate that Asus has a large lead over other companies who are also producing netbook computers.


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  • Harry Monmouth

    If you want to use techniques like this to apply for a job then you probably would be better suited to something else other than being an accountant or director of HR.

  • Anonymous

    “These are all numbers Erin can take to Valve to demonstrate her ability to make compelling content.”

    But, SHE didnt…she just posted it to YouTube, and then by your own admission, you (lockergnome) posted it in certain areas to help spread it. She just did one video, with no promotion on her.

    • Jake Ludington

      If the video sucked, it wouldn’t matter how many places it was promoted. Sure we helped draw attention to the video, but the content needed to be compelling. Someone can make the most amazing game in the world, but if there’s no marketing force (Valve) behind the game, it won’t ever reach its true potential.

  • Anonymous

    That just looks stupid and desperate to me.

  • Anonymous

    But has Valve called Erin yet and offered her a job? We’re on tenterhooks here!

    I hope there’s a follow-up video to explain what happened. Maybe it’ll be syndicated as a cartoon series on a cable TV channel somewhere, someday…

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