You Can Pass On Vista And Go Directly To Windows 7

The new lord of Microsoft has stood on his balcony, waved to the masses and addressed the crowd saying that we could pass on Vista and go directly to Windows 7. Steve Ballmer, while still defending Vista as being better than sliced bread, is now saying it is OK to skip Vista. His remarks while directed at businesses, also applies to home users as well. So what does this mean to you and me?

Nothing really. It still goes back to the same thing I have said over and over. Use the operating system you like. Not one that is being shoved down your throat. In an article from C/Net it also states:

Ballmer did note that Vista has had compatibility problems with some applications and hardware, but that those problems have diminished. “We had a great success with security and starting to see a ramp with adoption.”

Gartner analyst Neil MacDonald countered with Gartner survey data showing that 61 percent of respondents are thinking about skipping Vista altogether. Ballmer said that Microsoft would be ready for that outcome and reiterated Microsoft’s pledge that Windows 7 will be compatible with Vista.

Ballmer also stated that Windows 7 will not just an upgrade of Vista, but a complete new operating system, which will be compatible with Vista. Interesting, Does that mean it will not be compatible with previous versions of Windows? :-)

It should be interesting to see just how much Windows 7 will change.

What do you think? Will Windows 7 be a big deal for you?

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  • nick gricuk

    WINDOWS 7 will only be a big deal if it works. Vista, while pretty, is a p.o.s. as far as I am concerned. i use interactive online games and streaming of music files over the net, and while my XP system sits here cranking out the work, the Vista computer, which is even a better faster system, cant stay logged into the sites well, crashes out all the time, and now with the last update, wont play streaming music due to incompatibatibility with the sound drivers required for my high end Intel MB.

  • Tommy

    I’ve notice many been having problems with Vista.I purchase my HP computer with Vista,i guess 1 and half yrs ago and it’s working great with Vista.The only problem i had was with my printer and webcam driver.But i found a work around and they worked.Then the Epson and Logitech site had the new drivers.But i’ve been happy with it.I have XP and Vista computers and use them all.I remember many had the same issues with XP out the box.I got computer with XP installed and no problems.And i’ve been on computers since 1995,so no newbie.Maybe it depends what one want to do with their computers.I play games,chat,mail and surf with no problems.I never had problem streaming.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Regards, Ron

  • Peter

    Dropping IP over 1394 Firewire in all editions of Vista [I use Business] has been a terrible loss for me and the work I do.
    Pretty does not make up for losing this protocol.
    Downgrade rights are quite interesting yet those terms seems strange when xp can do more than vista.
    Office 2k7 is spot on.
    Sorry Vista, I tried, honestly.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with us.