Would You Want An ‘Instant On’ Computer System?

It is kind of a silly question. Who wouldn’t want a computer that came on instantly. But this was the survey Microsoft sent out to a select few asking if they would like ‘instant on’ in their future computers. But before you think that ‘instant on’ means full access to the entire operating system, this would not be the case.

Asus has a ‘instant on’ laptop but it uses Linux to provide quick access to a sub set of features, i.e. email and access to the internet. It is highly unlikely that Microsoft would consider Linux as a quickie access feature on a Windows computer.

Though no one is sure what Microsoft has in mind, it be have something to do with the next version of Windows which will be called Windows 7. Oh yeah. Why will it be called Windows 7? Because it will be the seventh version of Windows.

What do you think? Would you want an ‘instant on ‘ computer? Even one that used Linux?

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  • Douglas Kelban

    Yes, I’d like this feature.

  • omchi

    Great idea :-)
    But, wait …. I already have that.
    My machine sits in standby at all times.
    Takes about 2 seconds to fire up.
    Sure, if it could start in 0.1 seconds I’d save some time.
    Assuming I start it 5 times a day I’d save ….
    5×1.9 seconds x 365 days = 58 minutes a year
    And possibly $5 in electricity costs.
    Heck I spent 10 times more time in just one week waiting for Ve**zon techs to help me.

  • http://woolf2k.space.live.com woolf2k

    hella! yes! … putting my computer to sleep is the closest thing; however, that has never ever worked proper on any computer I have had. And I’ve had a number of them…

    so I don’t see how they plan on something better…perhaps they should work on getting sleep to work right, first?

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Thanks for all of the comments everyone
    Good points. :-)

  • system001

    i agree with woof2k. if you have the right hardware no problem even with windows in sleep mode, but if you have the wrong hardware with windows you will start having problems with your harddrives using sleep mode in windows. i have been looking at the motherboards with the built in linux os for quick access to email and web. great idea for people in a hurry.

  • http://kevinharter.com BigDaddyK

    My MacBook Pro already wakes from hibernation/sleep in a matter of a few seconds. And it’s all ready to rock!

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Aren’t we all in a hurry? :-)

    Does that Mac Pro serve breakfast in bed as well? It should for the prices that Apple charges! LOL
    Thanks for the info. Us poor PC people are always behind in these things. But that is our cross to bear.
    Enjoy your Mac.

  • George

    If i wasn’t a gamer, absolutely. still, my pc is almost never off, and a lot of linux’s boot in only a few seconds. if i didn’t like playing video games, i would 100% be a linux guy!

  • Andy B

    It’s about time pc’s became more user friendly. It’s ok for us geeks to wait for power up and shut down and then defrag and de bug the thing when it eventually starts up, but pc’s are now home entertainment systems and should be as easy to operate as the dvd player or the hi-fi. one button press and instant on, one button press and instant off. All patching and de bugging should be totally automatic and invisible to the average user. My mum should be able to use one as easily as she does her tv

  • Fredd Splatt

    Definitely yes, as I use mail and internet a lot.
    Especially so if it is Linux, as that is my choice of operating system.
    Some linux developers have a full boot in five seconds now, on an optimised system.

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Gaming does keep many of us at our PC’s.

    Thanks for the comment.

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Hi Andy B.,
    I agree.

  • Tony

    My Dell XPS laptop has a similar feature already. It’s called MediaDirect. While the lappy is off (WindowsXP) you can press the MediaDirect button and a small version of (XP? Don’t quote me) loads up within 30 seconds or so and presents a Media Centre style interface so you can view pictures/movies/play music and even write a quick letter. No email/internet/wireless as far as I’m aware, but for quick and dirty it’s just great. Works better when on the move as you can play tunes without having to load the full O/S and drain the battery quicker! Even works with the lid closed.

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • ikis

    Hell yes. More time to be obsessed and make my wife even more ticked off that I am instantly unaware of the world that merer mortals live in. Ah the joys of instant on. Sign me up.

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  • http://about.me/dillieo Dillie-O

    I’ll admit that I haven’t tried any of the other services (except GrooveShark a bit) but I’m really liking the options Spotify offers, even on their free plan. I might be ready to jump ship to the “online music” model and stop buying CDs.

  • http://virtualvector.com burhop

    I started with Rhapsody then switched to Napster (mistake). I had brief access to Spotify a few months back when a friend in Sweeden sent me an invite. When Spotify came to the US, I was able to use my account again.

    I haven’t done the pay version of Spotify yet but am strongly considering changing. I did like how it unlocked all my iTunes purchased songs and imported my music lists. I don’t remember Rhapsody doing that (did I miss a setting?)

  • http://diva42sites.wordpress.com/ diva42

    I never tried Rhapsody so I can’t elaborate on that but I like how lightweight the program is compared to itunes bloat ware also if you google spotify playlists you can find sites specifically geared towards users playlist that arent friends in Facebook and I like the idea of friends being able to send me tunes in my inbox plus the ability to share on twitter spotify and messenger I have to still look at it more as it only came out the other day. I’m using the free version

  • Scott Perkins

    Big difference is Spotify allows you to import your own purchased or burned CD’s, and access or sync them with your iPhone or iPad. With Rhapsody, they must be available from the Rhapsody service to access on the iPhone or iPad. You cannot, for example, sync iTunes or burned songs with the Rhapsody iPhone or iPad app. For someone like myself, who has thousands of burned CD’s in my library, or a combination of iTunes, burned CD’s and Rhapsody songs, this is a big difference.

  • http://twitter.com/RandySpangler Randy Spangler

    I have been on Rhapsody premium for a couple of years. As someone that cut his teeth back inthe 90’s on the original Napster via dial-up and by downloading music from newsgroups, I have always viewed online music more for discovery than as a substitute for a radio station. One thing I really liked with Napster, then Limewire or Soulseek (before they were consumed with malware and before the RIAA got crazy) was the ability to see what music others had on their drives. I figured that if someone had something that I liked, they might have something that I had never heard of that might interest me. How true that was. I discovered quite a few artists that way and I have attended numerous concerts based upon checking out artists online.

    (Don’t tell the RIAA that there is a positive effect of ‘piracy’. They would NEVER believe you.)

    Well, I put away the black eyepatch (AAAAARGH) several years ago since I didn’t want to get sued by a bunch of hate-blinded zealots. I started subscribing to Rhapsody and I have been very happy. Almost every artist that I want to listen to is available. Rhapsody offers a list of similar artists as well as influencing artists along with an interesting vignette on the artist that you have chosen. This allows me to find new stuff based on similarities.

    Their homepage features new music in a variety of genres and I like how I can load up a Sansa player to carry around offline. The iPhone/iPad Touch gets its own music from Rhapsody (cannot load it up from a PC) which kinda sucks, but on the positive side, you can load up new music on the fly with the Apple platform.

    So, I am looking forward to testing Spotify and comparing it to Rhapsody as soon as they punch my ticket.


  • Joeslipper

    Yeah i would love an instant computer. Cant wait 😀