$999 Apple Laptop May Not Be Enough

I guess the dream of a $800 Apple laptop, may remain just that. A dream. The unit that Apple introduced was still to expensive for my budget. Heh people. I just bought a 17″ Toshiba laptop with 3G of RAM, Radeon graphics and a bunch of other toys for $549. OK. I’m a PC. :-)

I was hoping for the sub $800 Apple laptop that some folks had rumored, which could of shot Apple sales through the roof. But the powers to be at Apple may know better and plan on keeping the prices up. According to this article it stated that:

The former firm notes that while the metal notebooks are more attractive, and boast features such as glass trackpads and better graphics hardware, the $999 system is Apple’s first notebook under $1,000, which “could be a key psychological threshold,” according to UBS’ Maynard Um. Many Windows notebooks are priced between $500 and $1,000.

This factor may be particularly important, Um says, in light of the overall economy, which is still suffering badly in spite of gains in recent days. By providing an affordable MacBook, Apple may be able to reach a larger segment of the public; wealthier shoppers, meanwhile, should have access to more attractive hardware combinations.

What do you think?

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  • http://nocky100.wordpress.com Ian Nock

    Apple have a product range with a gap in it… a low cost sub-notebook and $800 is still too expensive, under $500 would be a killer although this would hit sales of the ultra expensive Air… but then just how many of them are they selling?

  • Ralph Qyusenberry

    One dollar bellow a thousand dollars and they brag?!?!?! Apple makes a nice product, but not that nice. The rest of the industry is half the price for comparable hardware. Plus, Apple has NOTHING to compete in the UMPC market at all. Most of that market is between $250 and $500. They need to wake up. Eventually, people will either get used to Vista or switch these PC machines to Linux and Apple will see their market share shrink suddenly again. Let’s face it, with the economy the way it is, I don’t know anyone who has the money for Apple’s overpriced machines.

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  • Demonnick

    I bought a mid range macbook llast year it was around 1200$ i bought it in NH and so no sales tax and I’m an Intel employee so i save like another 7%.
    yes mac and apple products are more $ i agree they can/should reduce the price a bit more. I had to save 2 months to buy my mac,,,but now i will never go back to PC. compare it this way.. BMW car cost more than a FORD..which is better in quality and status? both do the same thing IE point A to B but what one does it better? same with a PC and MAC? so save your pennies and wait a lilttle longer get a mac! thats why i have a BMW

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

    Henry Ford must be rolling in his grave! LOL

    Thanks for the info.

  • Ralph Qyusenberry

    The problem with the Ford/BMW analogy is that our economy is in a state that makes a Smart Car the true intelligent choice. BMW, like Apple, trades more on it’s brand name than any quantifiable difference in quality. It is true that Macs tend to crash less often than PC’s. I’ll give you that. When they do crash, it is far more traumatic and you have fewer recovery (and upgrade) options. Those are not “Features” I am willing to pay extra for. I am a tech who supports two departments of a major medical school and I deal with Mac, PC, and server issues every day as well as the occasional UNIX issue. Apple just does not give value for the money.