Sony Dropping PS3 Price This Weekend

Well according to a leaked Blockbuster memo, it appears that Sony is going to drop the price of their popular PS3 unit by at least $40. It seems that most of the console makes, including Microsoft have also dropped prices, which is good news for consumers.

While the $40 or so price drop isn’t much, maybe it signals other drops in line for the other versions of the console in the near future. Or perhaps Sony is clearing stock to make room for a Tokyo Game Show announced new SKU for the Playstation 3.

It should be interesting to see what prices will be by Black Friday and than again around Christmas time. If you are in the market for a game console, you may wish to wait a few months before buying one.

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  • Andrew

    I dont think this will do much. Xbox has its Xbox Live which is what really separates them. Plus- Xbox is down to 299 now.

  • Alexxeno

    how is x-box live any different from the playstation network? more so since the playstation network is free while you have to pay for a x-box gold membership?

    Anyways, I really wish Sony would have been smarter about this whole system from the start. Things could have gone a lot better if they had… i’m just glad i was willing to pay extra to get the backwards capable (most of the time anyways) version before it was taken off the markets… really wish i could have gotten a truly backwards working one… anyways enough of that.