T-Mobile Introduces G1 With Android From Google

The new phone is here featuring Android software from Google. The G1 basically looks similar to Apple’s now famous iPhone. On their site the new phone is advertised at $179.99 plus taxes and fees. The purchase also requires a 2 year commitment to T-Mobile as well. Sounds famaliar. :-)

On their site T-Mobile describes their phone as:

T-Mobile is committed to helping our customers richly connect with those most important to them, and innovation is the foundation of that mission. In 2007, T-Mobile became a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance, an initiative that is strongly committed to greater openness in the mobile industry. T-Mobile supports increased openness because it will foster rapid innovation to best meet consumer demands.

The T-Mobile G1 with Google is the first commercially available phone to run on the ‘Android’ operating system, which empowers developers with tools to create and offer consumers applications that add value to their lives. This is one of many initiatives T-Mobile is working on to lead the industry in bringing real innovation to wireless customers.

I highly recommend that you check the T-Mobile site to make sure your area is covered. It appears that there are smaller rural areas that may not be covered. So be careful.

It looks like the new phone will not be available until October 22, 2008.

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  • Phil Petty

    you mention bandwidth caps on mobile service driving users to look for wi-fi when possible. however standard internet is is meeting the same problems now. here in Alaska there is no longer such a thing as unlimited bandwidth. even 3 years ago, unlimited bandwidth was only available with the cable company’s “Ultimate Package” which cost us ~$150/month but came with internet, TV, and a landline. standard internet packages now have 10-15gb bandwidth limits, sometimes less. the more acceptable bandwidth caps, 40-50gb or more, are only available on the high end packages costing well over $100. i am currently paying ~$90/month for a 3mbps connection with a cap of 15gb. its the same with every provider up here.

    as i understand it, and based on the way people talk about it such as yourself, this isn’t as common or widespread in the lower 48. however, i don’t see it staying that way for long.

    • http://rae.tnir.org Reid

      Interestingly enough, we’ve had caps for quite a while in Canada, but now they are on their way up. I use a relatively independent ISP (TekSavvy) so had a high cap — 200 GB. That recently was upped to 300 GB.

      Te major ISPs (Bell & Rogers) had much lower caps around 40-90 GB, depending on what level of service you had. But thatall changed recently.

      Now Rogers is rolling out 50 Mbps service with a 250 GB cap, but Bell’s 25 Mbps Fibe remains at 50-75 Mbps. I expect competition to push Bell to increase that cap.

      Intesting times.

    • Kaye Gnyp

      G’day Phil.
      We have the same 3mbps connection/pricing issues with our IPs in many parts of Australia. At the present time our Labor Government is trying to implement the NBN (National Broadband Network) but those who don’t realise the larger portion of our population do not have the speeds or quota they accept as the norm, oppose the NBN installation. What I’d give to connect at their speed, have their download quotas, without having to pay through the neck for the same privilege.

      Cheers from (rural) South Australia