Comcast To FCC – My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

After Comcast was banished from the playground for not playing well with others, the cable giant ran home to mommy. Citing the FCC as being a bully, Comcast has chosen to get their Dad to beat up the Dad at the FCC. Comcast is saying that the FCC has over stepped its authority and they will prove their case in people’s court.

According to this NY Times article it states:

The central issue is whether the sanction was appropriate, given that the commission had not previously published a rule about the issue in question: Whether Internet providers can choose to block one Web site or program while allowing traffic to others. Comcast, in an attempt to crack down on its heaviest users, slowed down connections from the BitTorrent program, used to share movies and other files.

In a statement, Comcast said this procedure was legal and asserted that it was denied the chance to argue this view, which it would have been afforded if the commission had proposed a formal rule that would be subject to the normal review and comment process:

This is terrific news for Comcast subscribers. Not only do their subscription dollars get to pay for the lawyers at Comcast, but their tax dollars get to defend the FCC and their decision. It seems like a win-win situation. For the lawyers.  :-)


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  1. Don Naphen says:

    Comcast will probably come out on top, as it has deep pockets to make sure their lawyers will prevail with the courts. The FCC historically has been very slow to act/react to present-day situations, and if Comcast is correct in noting that no formal ruling was ever made, then it’s just about a done deal.

    The FCC has a board of governors with no authority to make law, but rather to interpret the present Communications Act. The issue of cable companies arbitrarily throttling back service is definitely something best left to Congress. This may become a moot point, as the cable industry is slowing instituting a tiered service based on useage. Once that’s implemented, the whole issue will fade away, along with 8-track cassettes! LOL.

  2. Don Naphen says:

    Ooops! Should read: “slowly instituting”

  3. Ron Schenone says:

    Heh Don,
    What are the Pats going to do without Brady? That was a real shock seeing him go down. Hope what they say isn’t true.

    Talk at you when we get back from Vegas.

    Later, Ron

  4. leftystrat says:

    I am a Comcast victim.
    I talked to a FIOS subscriber today. He gets an unbelievably fast pipe with no caps for what I pay for average cable.

    I’m not a Verizon fan (except for cell service) but this bears investigation.